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Organ HAx1 15x1 130R Box of 100 Chrome Plated Sewing Machine Needles Retail Store (+$19.99, You Save $10.00)

*"Juki MO50E online is exactly the same serger as the Juki MO51E dealer retail store model at $289 with the flower Logo on the front. John Douthat, AllBrands Owner & Tech

Save up to $160 more on purchase of Deluxe Carrying Case, 100 Organ Needles, 12 spools of serger thread 3000 yard cones, 3 to 10 year extended warranties. See all under Recommended Accessories below.

AllBrands is an Authorized Juki Dealer and Service Center for any repairs needed including warranty parts, electrical and labor. We give unlimited technical support by email, fax and phone. We service machines in our stores. Mass merchants do not have tech service or repair departments for your equipment. They are unable to help you directly, only referring any operational, mechanical or electronic questions back to the manufacturer instead of taking care of the problems themselves. Manufacturers and customers should expect that any problems you have will be taken care of by the dealer or merchant who sold you the equipment, not by just referring your questions back to the manufacturer.

  • US Warranty 5 Years Mechanical, 2 Years Electrical, 90 Days Adjustments on defects in material or workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Speed up to 1300 stitches per minute
  • Differential feed easily adjustable while sewing, insures beautiful finished seams on all types of fabrics
  • Built-in automatic lower looper threader
  • Built-in roll hemming with fingertip controls
  • Quick stitch width control allows many stitch formations
  • Convenient foot-lifting handle
  • Snap-on feet for easy foot changing
  • Convenient waste fabric container collects fabric chips while you sew
  • Chain cutter built-in for extra convenience
  • Convenient light over the sewing area
  • Electronic control insures full needle penetration power even at the lowest speeds
  • On/off power switch for both motor and light

Included Accessories
the accessories are in the pull out accessory tray that is located near the back on the left hand side of the machine. accessories do not have a separate pouch in the box.
  • 1 Screw driver
  • 1 Tweezer
  • 4 Nets
  • 1 Lint brush
  • 1 Oiler
  • 1 Upper knife
  • 4 Thread stripping discs
  • 1 Set of needles
  • 1 Hexagon wrench
  • 1 Chip box

Other Images

icon Open front for easy looper threading

icon Made in Taiwan, not in China

icon What is differential feed used for?

icon Automatic Lower Looper Threading, Adjustable Knife Cutting and Stitch Width, Adjustable Stitch Length

icon Looper Threader

icon Automatic Rolled Hemming

icon Retractable Upper Knife, Lay In Thread Tension Slots, Sewing Light, Waste Trimming

icon 4 Thread Overlock

icon 3 Thread Narrow Overlock

icon 3 Thread Rolled Hem

icon 3 Thread Overlock

icon 3 Thread Flatlock

icon Optional Juki 40134119 6 Serger Feet, MO50E MO51E, EuroPro EP534DX, Singer 14T948, Babylock Prestige, Happylock 740DS, Necchi 160A, Merrylock, YoungLock TAIWAN. Blindhem/Lace Foot #A1A152000, Elasticator Foot #A1A163000, Shirring/Gathering Foot #A1A233000, Bead/Sequin Foot #A1A283000, Corded Piping Foot #A1A321004, Taping Foot #A1A333000

Juki's newest model MO-50E, their first basic serger with LAY IN TENSIONS! is made in Taiwan, not China. It has more features and is less expensive than the prior basic model MO-623 made in China. MO50E has 3 and 4 thread stitch configurations, plus differential feed, plus LAY IN TENSIONS!. The MO-623 has only 3 thread stitch and no differential feed, with traditional round tension knobs. The MO-51E with flower picture on the front is the exact same serger as MO-50E, but at a higher minimum advertised price MAP. One other difference is the rated speed. MO50 series is 1300 SPM while the MO600 series are 1500SPM
i opened up the new Juki MO50E today and threaded it up. This machine sewed awesome! John can you tell me what the difference is between this machine and the other in the MO600 series? Why would you buy the other 4 thread models instead of this one? Bobbye

Bobbye, The new Juki MO50E with Lay In Tensions is easier to thread and use than the traditional Juki MO600 round tension knobs.

Compare to MO600 Series: Juki MO644D, 654DE, and Juki MO655, all with Juki Electronic Workbook CD
which the MO50E does not have at this time. Also 8 Feet are available for MO600 series now. The 6 Feet for MO50 are not available yet. .

I suppose the only reasons to buy a Juki MO600 is that it is made in the newest Juki factory near Shanghai with the same manufacturing standards as Japan. Plus the MO600 series runs faster at up to 1500SPM Stitches Per Minute while MO50E is rated at 1300SPM. Any increase in speed of sewing machines requires a corresponding increase in the quality of parts, close tolerances and manufacturing superiority. The MO50E is made in an OEM plant in Taiwan, and not made in a Juki owned factory.

So if our customer wants a serger made in a Juki factory, the MO600 series is better made than the MO50E factory, even though they sew the same quality stitches. [email protected]

Great that's what I was wondering. For the style of machine I thought it would sew like the Brother one, which I am far from impressed by. That helps though, I love the Juki quality and never fear telling them how much they will love the quality of the Juki. We have great success with the Juki machines. . Obviously if they are looking for a high end machine this won't do but it is a great machine for the person that was inquiring about the entry level machines. I also can tell them with full confidence that the Juki sergers are by far better sewing then the coveted Babylocks. I tell them all that I have that fancy over priced thread itself serger and it is positioned behind my new Juki serger. Bobbye

Well I am going to use the Juki MO50 sergers in our serger classes then, they start on the 2nd of February unless you would prefer I use one Of the other Juki's. Thanks Bobbye
Susan P, Lockport NY
Outstanding customer service! Before placing an order on-line I had questions regarding the Juki serger. Company president John Douthat responded by email to my inquiry himself. After placing my order online, I spoke twice with a very kind and knowledgeable customer service rep. Also, special thanks to 'Miss Barbara' who tested the demo model serger to make sure it was working well before shipping. I'm very pleased with the whole experience of dealing with Allbrands, and expect I will continue to make purchases with this company.

Bernardo, New Mexico
Todo bien y muy rapido gracias. (All well and very fast thanks.)

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