The GOLDSTAR Brushless Servo Motor is designed to meet almost all basic heavy duty and continuous use requirements of various industrial sewing machines. The motor produces almost no noise, saves energy and is brushless, speed adjustable and durable. It provides a high starting torque even at low speed or from a complete stop.

The GOLDSTAR Brushless Servo Motor uses the same mounting holes as standard clutch motors.

Changing a Clutch Motor to a Servo Motor by Sewing Machines Australia. A variable speed servo motor delivers power savings, silent operation and precise control for your sewing machine. Often older machines with a clutch motor can receive a new lease of life by installing a servo motor. This video is a step by step guide to removing an existing clutch motor and then installing a new servo motor. The model featured is a HO HSING MJ Series
  • High Torque D.C. Electronic Servo Motor
  • Energy Efficient- saves up to 70% Electricity
  • Easy to adjust speed and reverse motor direction with buttons
  • Uses same mounting holes as a clutch motor.
  • Switch with light socket and wire included
  • No Carbon Brushes Needed
  • No Clutch Disc
  • Adjustable Belt Tightener
  • Belt Guard, Pulley and Mounting Hardware Included
  • Light Weight - 10 lbs
  • Starts up at low speed
  • Works Great with Heavy Duty Machines.
  • Vibration Free, Conserves Energy and Silent When Not Running.

  • Power: 110V Single Phase
  • Rotation: Bi-directional (Through Digital Input)
  • RPM: 0-4800 RPM
  • AMCO Shaft
  • On/Off Power switch on unit
  • Electronic Speed Input
  • Weight: 10lbs.

    The new Gold Start Brushless Servo Motors is to replace or Install on Industrial Sewing machine power stand. It does not came with Table or Foot control.

    The speed control is a dial set up on Electronic Box.
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icon 41850: Goldstar GBSM-550

icon Digital Quiet Clutchless

icon Brushless DC Servo Motor

Glenn M, Oxford MI
Delivery was on time. Used this type of motor before.