There are many configurations of existing clutch motor installations. Some modifications may need to be made to mount the new motor and line up the motor pulley with hand wheel.

The only 550 Watts 3/4 HP Electronic Servo Motor in the market. The FESM-550C/N is quiet, powerful and energy saving. Features an easy to use speed adjustment knob and AMCO shaft, it is perfect for use from High Speed sewing machines to Low Speed Walking Foot machines.

  • LED Powered On/Off Switch
  • High Torque D.C. Electronic Servo Motor
  • Replacement for standard clutch motors
  • Variable Speed with connection to your stand pedal
  • Doesn't run unless stand pedal is depressed so is ULTRA QUIET
  • The motor is direct, strong and quiet. Comes complete with mounting hardware
  • AMCO style shaft for easy pulley exchange
  • Easy to use speed adjustment knob
  • US Warranty 1 year replacement on defective or missing parts.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
3/4 Horsepower DC
110 Volt AC Power Cord
550 Watts (Only One In Market)
0 to 3300 RPM 2 in 1 Motor (High/Low Speed)

FESM-400N (400W) - FESM-550N (550W)

Family Electronic Servo Motor

Watts: FESM-400N - 400 Watts
Watts: FESM-550N - 550 Watts

Power: 110V Single Phase
Rotation: Bi-directional (Through switch)
RPM: 0-3450 RPM

Description: High Torque D.C. Compact Electronic Servo Direct Motor

Adjustment: Easy to ajust FINE TUNE speed adustment dial
Light Socket, Energy Saving, High Torque, Quiet

Shaft: AMCO Shaft - Weight: Approximately 28 Lbs

Available in 400Watts and 550Watts - Compact Design with high torque and low noise.

Changing a Clutch Motor to a Servo Motor. A variable speed servo motor delivers power savings, silent operation and precise control for your sewing machine. Often older machines with a clutch motor can receive a new lease of life by installing a servo motor. This video is a step by step guide to removing an existing clutch motor and then installing a new servo motor.

Other Images

icon New Style FESM-550N

icon Speed Limit Control up to 3000RPM. 6V light socket. Reverse Motor Rotation for Blindstitch machines.

icon Complete Hardware

icon Motor Plate ID.

icon Adjust speed to 1/2 for walking foot or other non oil bath machines

RE: Sew Quiet High-Torque Clutchless DC Servo Motor, Replacement for Clutch Motors.
Does a foot pedal come with this motor and if not, how do i connect one to it? starr8719
No, the variable speed lever on the motor connects to the existing tie rods and foot pedal on your industrial sewing machine stand. John Douthat, AllBrands
Carlos, Illinois
From now on, no craziness to find what I need. Simply go to ALLBRANDS.COM and it's DONE! Thank you guys!