You must use a Ruler Foot when working with rulers and templates when stitching directly onto a quilt.

Ideally the Ruler Foot should measure ½" across the collar with the needle stitching at 1/4" from the ruler or template edge. This will make it easy to calculate spacings across a block or quilt.

Nolting, A1, Handy Quilter, Innova and Prodigy machines all have a true ½" round Ruler Foot. Gammil and APQS have a 9/16" Ruler Foot, which will stitch out at 9/32" from the ruler or template edge.

At Westalee Design we have been making all our templates since 2008 to suit both sizes.

Our templates are made Machine specific and you will achieve the same result for either sized foot.

We have Great News for Gammill owners!
We now manufacture a ½" round Ruler Foot to stitch a 1/4" from the template edge to be used with 1/4" or 3/8" thick templates. Made from stainless steel composite material, with good visibility from the front and back, supported at the sides, there is no way the Ruler Foot can slip under or over a template.

Quilting Ruler Foot and Template Set. This video is about the Westalee Designs Ruler Foot and Template Set Demo Project Offer. Information applies to all ruler feet and optional templates.

Ruler Foot Install Information and Procedures
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icon Westalee 1/2" Diameter Ruler Foot For Gammill Longarm Quilting Machines