Use this filter inline with your current Ace-Hi or gravity feed hose.

For best results replace the filter every 3 months.

  • Use this filter inline with your current gravity feed hose. will prolong the life of your steam iron
  • Greatest traveling distance for filtering,
  • designed to be used for steam irons only, never use it as a purifier for drinking water
  • Reduces lime and scale buildup which improves ironing quality
  • Protects clothes and ironable materials by removing harmful minerals from tap water
Demineralizer Bags or Inline Filter?
You can use either one alone.
Don't use together !! Why waste filter resin?

SF-100 filter is very effective for 3 months length
and the effectiveness is diminished as it is used a longer.
All water has to flow through the length of the filtering unit.

Traditional filter resin in a bag;
We don't know how effective this will be since the filtering length
is shallow.

That's why we recommend to use SF-100 !! Ace Hi
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icon Installation Instructions

icon In Line Water Filter

icon Finally a No Mess Resin for Steam Irons with Water Tanks

icon Optional Year's Supply (Pack of 4) AceHi Silver Star SF-100 Inline Water Filter for Gravity Feed Iron Hose