Hot Hemmer & Hot Ruler: Measure mark and press straight hems round interior and miter corners. Heat resistant press directly on the ruler. Can be used with dry or steam iron Unique non-slip surface holds fabrics in plce for precise results.

What is it?
Think about what we do when we construct any sewn project. Most likely we take large pieces of fabric and cut them into small pieces of fabric and then we sew them back together into large pieces of fabric again. And it's all done with some creative vision in mind. If we measure, mark, cut, pin, press and sew accurately the result is something that is pleasing to us. If we don't . . . ah well, then not so much. But there's more to consider. More effort and more time required. To put in a hem we have to make all of those measurements and the markings and then make all of the folds and then put in all of the pins to hold the folds we've measured. And then we have to press around the pins and then remove the pins. No question about it, it's a lot of detail work and if we mess it up we're going to be disappointed. There's gotta' be another way. And there is and that's where Clover's Hot Hemmer and Hot Ruler come in. For the first time we have a tandem of sewing tools that lets us accurately measure, mark and press all at the same time and with one tool.

What does it do?
Clover's Hot Hemmer and Hot Ruler will revolutionize the way you do hems, mitered corners and pressed curves. They truly are the "go to" tools for anyone who does hems, mitered corners or pressed curves. Both are made of a nylon based fiber board that does not retain heat when ironed on so no waiting for them to cool and no burned fingers. Another feature of the fiber board is that while it will not stick to your fabric it will not slide either. It merely stays in place while you manipulate your fabric into place for pressing. And best of all both are loaded with useful measuring and angle markings and cutouts. The Hot Hemmer is 6" x 5" with a rounded corner for pressing curves and a square cut out corner for measuring in and over at the same time. The Hot Ruler is 10"x 2 1/2" and is designed for completing longer hems in minimum time. If you're ironing hems for draperies, this is your tool.

The Hot Hemmer and Hot Ruler have many useful applications. Here are a few.

- Measure, fold and iron any hem in one smooth motion. Measure, fold, press. Repeat as necessary for the length or your project. The Hot Ruler with its increased length makes short work of long hems. Both take all of the guess work out of even, consistent hems. No last minute surprises where hem lines do not match up. Pleats anyone? Yes, you can use it to measure, fold and press pleats as well.

- Ever try to make a perfect 45° mitered corner? No problem. Just measure to desired depth at the desired point, fold your fabric along the miter line and press.

- How about pressing a curve, say to make a patch pocket. Again, no problem. Just gather your fabric around the curved portion of the Hot Hemmer and press. Remove excess fabric and attach to your garment.

- The corner cutout of the Hot Hemmer can be used "lefty" or "righty" to measure trim lines or seams. Quick, accurate and no mistakes.

- Saves time - We don't have to measure and mark hems, pin hems, iron around pins and then remove pins. And it's perfect every time so no "do overs".

Clover Hot Ruler and Hot Hemmer Extra Credit - Video
Join Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby, the dynamic DIY duo known as the Shibaguyz as they explore Clover tools and give you their recommendations!
Measure, mark, and press
hems and more in one step.
Great for purse handles,
binding, hems, rounded
corners, interior and miter
corners. Heat resistant,
thin, accurate ruler can be
pressed with dry/steam iron,
features non-slip surface to
hold fabric for precise

Fold, measure, press hems and more in one step


Measure, mark and press: straight hems, round, interior and miter corners
Heat resistant, press directly on the ruler
Thin and accurate ruler
Can be used with dry or steam iron
Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results

Do not use except for its intended purpose
Do not place hot iron on Hot Hemmer for extended period of time which may cause discoloration
Do not twist, bend or fold Hot Hemmer which may deform ruler
Allow Hot Hemmer to cool before handling
Intended for use with household iron, heat resistant up to 428°F/220°C
Material: Nylon

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