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This convenient accessory eliminates the need to constantly stop and adjust your take-up rail. The more you quilt, the more space is taken up on the take-up rail in the throat of your machine. This normally means you have to watch your space closely, and adjust the take-up rail higher when the quilt fabric starts rubbing between it and your machine. This idler rail solves that problem by letting the fabric collect on the take up-rail at a higher position, so you don't need worry about adjusting your take-up rail anymore!

Note: The idler rail accessory will only work with longarm or midarm quilting machines that have a larger throat space.

Use this idler rail to continuously quilt without having to stop and adjust the level of your take up rail.

This great accessory lets the quilt collect on the take-up rail in a higher position, so you won't have to stop quilting to adjust it.

Idler Rail Instructions Version 2 Continuum Frame

Learn how to attach an Idler Rail to your Continuum longarm quilting frame! This rail will save you time when advancing your quilts