First ever stand up height ironing press metal stand for users who do not want to sit down to do their ironing and pressing. Includes Hold-down Bolt only for holding FP202 and Inspire Presses to Stand. Otherwise, use Velcro Strap.

Note: Steam Press hold down bolt 12mm x 1" is included in ST04 only for Family Press FP202L&E models and will need substitution at the local hardware store for other brands and models of steam presses. Velcro straps are not needed if presses are bolted down to the stand. The hold down bolt with China Feiyue ST06 Stand is not the right thread size or length for Reliable Empressa and other brands, so you need to take the bolt to a local hardware store for the next size up 13mm x 1" metric threaded bolt and add lock/washers for increased stability and permanent installation. If you use a 14x1" tighter threaded bolt, you will have to slightly ream out the hole in the stand which is too small for the 14mm bolt. John Douthat, Tech

Fitting any stand to any press requires customers getting the right metric bolt and lining the threaded hole in the press up with the access hole in the stand.
Otherwise use velcro straps to hold the press to the stand, as Reliable does with their own brand of steam presses and stands. Its like putting any sewing machine in any cabinet with a hold down bolt which which is not provided with either the machine or the table.

  • Stand fits most Steam and Dry Presses
  • Provides a sturdy place to press your garments
  • Height of Platform is 36.5 inches (91.44 cm)
  • Platform for press to sit on is 16 x 11"
  • Metal footers are 14" wide
  • Distance between metal footers is 18"
  • Operating height of press board with stand is 37"

    Family Press ST-6 Instruction Manual(.PDF)
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon Family Press ST04 36"H Metal Table for Steam Ironing Press Stand Up Operation

icon for Steam Ironing Press Stand Up Operation

the only thing I have second thoughts about is the 36" stand ix not as stable I believe it should be. the stand need better support for the length of the presser, it can easily tip over.

The ST-04 stand, which is currently designed to support all our presses of sizes 26, 32 and 36 inches is fundamentally stable.

The largest press (36 inches) might require additional attention by the customer when in use due to its heating plate span.

It is always recommended that the customer utilize both the security knob and the security Velcro strap in order to offer maximum stability on the platform.

Besides that, short of having a stand specific designed for this unit, there is no short term solution to the situation described by the customer. China Feiyue.
Julia, Oklahoma

Raymond, Oklahoma
Great product and we love it!!

Clinton U, Ellicott City MD
Would have liked to have seen a combo available for the FP202LE and stand. Also, a combo for the refurbished FP202L and stand. So far the unit is working well. It is not as thorough as using a hand iron but it's much faster.

Pankaj K, Las Vegas NV
Excellent website. The product was just as described : No bait and switch.... It arrived sooner than expected. Installation was a breeze. Would by more stuff from this website without hesitation and also recommened it to friends...