The Calligraphy Starter Kit has everything you need to get started creating beautiful calligraphy projects! With two chisel-tipped angle options and three calligraphy pens, you'll have the ability to create a variety of personalized greeting cards, gift tags, and embellished envelopes. Your projects are sure to stand out with the italic font and included 30 calligraphy patterns!

  • Calligraphy pen holder
  • Calligraphy pen stand
  • Pen adjuster A (for 3.5 mm pen tip) and B (for 2.0 mm pen tip)
  • Three calligraphy pens (black, blue, and carmine red)
  • Activation card for access to italic font and 30 calligraphy patterns
  • Sample card (5"x7") and envelope (5.2"x7.2")

  • A free CanvasWorkspace account and internet connection is necessary to unlock the designs
For use with Brother ScanNCut DX only.
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icon Includes: Calligraphy pen holder, Calligraphy pen stand, Pen adjuster A (for 3.5 mm pen tip) and B (for 2.0 mm pen tip), Three calligraphy pens (black, blue, and carmine red), Sample card (5"x7") and envelope (5.2"x7.2")

icon Activation card for access to italic font and 30 calligraphy patterns

Marcia K, Charlotte, NC
I usually buy local but my local shop does not have all of the scan n cut accessories and the price was right on all I have purchased

Kim C, Herndon VA
This was my first order. I love that you support ScanNCut materials. I can’t believe how fast my order was filled and delivered. I’ll definitely come to you for my future ScanNCut purchases!

Kathleen L, Champlin MN
Allbrands is one of my favorite online stores. Your selection and service are tops! On the website, I like how you include actual product videos—so helpful! I also appreciate your many online classes and demos. I've done only one return (a number of years ago), and that process was quick and easy. I only wish you had physical stores in Minnesota!

David B, Shapleigh ME
My one call to customer service based upon a missing item from my shipment was handled with courtesy and efficiency.

Margaret Burke, Chicago area
I've been a ScanNCut user since it first came out, and I have two machines - the old 650 and the more recent SDX225. This is the first time I've been unhappy with an add-on kit. Nowhere in the product descriptions, either here or on Brother's web site, does it spell out that this kit CANNOT be used in CanvasWorkspace. I spent 80-something dollars for the kit and the two fonts, and it's pretty much useless to me. I don't do any editing on the machine; it's so much easier to see on my big computer monitor than to fudge around with the small screen on the ScanNCut machines. I'll know to check that next time, but this was an expensive lesson.