Easily turnThe Fasturn(R) is a hollow brass cylinder with a specially designed wire hook for turning & stuffing fabric tubes quickly & easily. Set includes six brass tubes in sizes #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 and #6 plus 3 Wires.

Fasturn manufactures high-quality, brass fabric turners in a variety of sizes. These must-have tools make short work of turning fabric tubes. Each brass Fasturn comes complete with a hook used to pull the fabric through the tube and rightside out. Fasturns are handy in sewing ties, belts, tube quilts, quilt tops, and much more. Fasturn also allows you to add batting, cording, or wire to your fabric tube as you turn it.

The fasturn is a hollow brass cylinder with a specially designed wire hook that makes turning fabric tubes fun & easy! Six piece set includes sizes: #1 - 1/8in, #2 - 3/16in, #3 - 1/4in, #4 - 3/8in, #5 - 1/2in and #6 - 3/4

Note: Sizes #2 and #3 are not recommended for heavyweight fabrics such as demim and corduroy. For heavyweight fabrics, use #4, #5, or #6.
Sizes Included :
#1 - 1/8in diameter - Finished Tube Width: 3/16in
#2 - 3/16in diameter - Finished Tube Width: 5/16in
#3 - 1/4in diameter - Finished Tube Width: 3/8in
#4 - 3/8in diameter - Finished Tube Width: 1/2in
#5 - 1/2in diameter - Finished Tube Width: 13/16in
#6 - 3/4in diameter - Finished Tube Width: 1-1/8in
The set of six includes all six sizes!
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icon Fasturn F-1SET of 6 Tube Turner Tools for Turning & Stuffing Fabric Tubes