FREE Course By Shanna Rendon
Follow along with Shanna as she shows you the various alternate designs you can make with one shape ...the Westalee Design Spin-e-Fex #8 Template. With 5 sizes to choose from Shanna focuses on the 7.5", 9.5", and 11.5".

You will also learn the importance of the Westalee Design Crosshair Rulers. These wonderful rulers really assist in making all rotating templates shine! Use this FREE course as a stepping stone to Leonie's West's Desiging with the Crosshair Ruler Course.

The possibilities are endless!

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Before Westalee Designs, I didn’t quilt; I pieced quilts. Now with Westalee Designs I can quilt beautiful and unique designs on my quilts.” - Shanna Rendon
Westalee Design Templates Used:

Westalee Design Spin-e-Fex #8 (7.5", 9.5" & 11.5")
8 Point Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler
6 Point Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler
Westalee Design Spacing Gauge
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