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Solid performance at an affordable price, the L460 offers quality features at a great price. From threading to stitching, you can count on a quality finish, without compromise.

The L460 comes complete with unique BERNINA features including the Free Hand System (FHS), Micro Thread Control (MTC), adjustable needle up/down options, and more! This machine is sure to be a favorite for sewing on knits and woven fabrics. Innovative features make BERNINA overlockers delightfully easy to use, ensuring professional quality and usability. The overlocker is the perfect companion to a sewing machine.

BERNINA L460 Key Features:
  • BERNINA Knee lifter FHS
  • BERNINA foot control for fine speed adjustments
  • Needle stop up / down
  • Kickback foot control
  • Stitch-by-stitch sewing
  • DC Motor
  • Up to 1500 stitches/minute max
  • Safety features with LED light when presser foot is raised or machine covers open
  • Large catch tray
  • Extension table included

  • New BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS)
  • BERNINA foot control with needle up/down
  • Extension table
  • DC Motor
  • Micro Thread Control (MTC)
  • 5-step adjustable presser foot pressure
  • 1,500 stitches per minute

    Serger Basics with Bernina's Sandra Swick

    Bernina Overlockers at a Glance

    Bernina Overlockers Workbook

    Bernina L460 Mastery Workbook

  • US Warranty 90 Days Service/Exchange Only
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Sews, cuts and finishes seams in one operation for efficiency and with precision
  • Easy and comfortable to handle even for beginners
  • 2-3-4 thread stitch formations provide the most flexibility in selecting the perfect stitch
  • Professional stitch quality each time
  • Excellent rolled hemming
  • Perfect for stretchy and woven fabrics
  • Ruffles and gathers light fabrics automatically with differential feed
  • Easy & ergonomic threading with the manual needle threader
  • Easy threading with built-in lower loooper threader
  • Two bright LED lights illuminate the sewing area as well as the looper threading area
  • Free-Hand System (FHS) for knee–operated presser-foot lift
  • Exact speed control - allows stitch by stitch sewing and top speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute
  • Slide-on table for more space
  • Needle auto-stop in up position
  • Click heel on foot pedal to quickly lower needle into work

    Bernina L460 Serger Manual

    Bernina L460 QuickStart Guide to Threading and Test Sewing

    BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460: first steps, stitching preparation
    The BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460 offers a wealth of creative possibilities. The machine allows you to sew, cut and trim all at the same time and in a single pass. Despite its professional equipment and wide range of features, the BERNINA L 460 is easy to operate and offers a high degree of sewing convenience and ease of use. In this first video, you can see how to set up the L 460's basic settings in a few very simple steps. Using these basic values, you will already be able to realise some of your projects. As a result, you will have the opportunity to start the first sewing project on your new BERNINA L 460 after only a few moments and a quick set up – a successful start.

    BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460 / 450: threading and sewing, 4-thread overlock
    Overlock/serger sewing with 4 threads is easy with the BERNINA L 460 and L 450. You will even be impressed with your BERNINA overlock's excellent usability right from the threading stage: the accessory is always on hand in the hook cover, and coloured markers show you where to position the thread. As a result, all four threads can be threaded in a jiffy and your BERNINA is ready for your sewing project. The clever threading system saves you time and stress, as you can keep track of your project at all times and can start concentrating on your needlework after just a few simple steps. Easy operation, a high degree of sewing comfort and precision -- simply BERNINA.


    WHAT IS DIFFERENTIAL FEED? Bernina Blog February 13, 2019, by Jaime David

    OVERLOCKER FOR BEGINNERS—AN INTRODUCTION TO SERGERS, April 4, 2020, Hayley Grzych Bernina We All Sew Blog

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Included Accessories
BERNINA Presser Foot included (1)
  • Standard overlock presser foot
  • Upper looper converter
  • Seam guide
  • Set of needles
  • Tools and accessories stored in door
  • Trim catching tray
  • Dust cover
Other Images

icon Bernina Trade In L460 with included accessories

icon Bernina Trade In L460

icon Bernina Trade In L460 serial number

icon Bernina Trade In L460 included accessories

icon Bernina Trade In L460 included accessories

icon BERNINA Free Hand System FHS Knee Lever for Presser Foot and Tension Release.

icon DC Motor gives more power and better speed control

icon Slide On Table for More Work Space.


icon Easy Threading.

icon Brightly Lit Workspace

icon Waste bin for trimmings. Knee Lever. Presser Foot. Accessories are stored inside Looper Cover.

New Adjusting Tool for the
L450/L450 Available
Good news, we have now received the
final adjusting tool for the L450/L460.
We have made many changes to the
different looper and overall adjustments
to increase the overall performance of
the machine, and to eliminate skipping
stitches with certain fabrics, threads and
machine sewing settings.
Please compare the gauges next to each
other and see the different measurements.

Please dispose of the original gauge #
22850 and order the new gauge # 22948,
the tension calibration reset gauge #
22844. The service manual is available
on Infogate under US-65564-5 or
click here.
It is most important that all (original
and latest machines are being adjusted
using ONLY the new final gauge
Using the original gauge for any adjustments
causes major issues with current
machines and does not resolve skipping
issues with original machines
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