The 10" Ideal Seam Guide is our most popular. It just seems to fit any situation or sewing surface. Many quilters have teamed the 10" with the 15" to achieve the "Practical Perfect Piecing" running them parallel to each other when strip piecing.

Our most popular size! This is 10" of straight that can be re-positioned time after time. Notched to work around walking foot. Flexibility allows for easy positioning and re-positioning hundreds of times.
10 inches of STRAIGHT with a notch on one side to work with wide feed dogs or a walking foot - No Clamps! - No Magnets! - No Suction cups! - No Sticky Residue! - Fabric will not slide under! - Rubber Holds in Place like Cement! - Releases with the slightest upward pressure on beveled end! - Clean with multi-surface cleaner then rinse with warm water when 'Linty'! Let air dry! - Tested to Last for Hundreds, even a Thousand Placements! - Grandchild Tested! Withstood Sword Fight and Bath! - "Charley" Tested (Papillon dog)Hair Easily Washed Away! ... no animals where endangered during testing...

*No Clamps! *No Magnets! *No Suctions Cups! *No Sticky Residue!

*Rubber strip on the back Holds Your Seam Allowance in Place on Metal, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic and even FABRIC!

*Releases with the Gentle, Consistent Pressure...Just lift from Beveled End!

*Clean with WARM soapy water or a multi-surface cleaner & rinse with water when 'Linty'

*Tested to Last for Hundreds, perhaps even a Thousand Placements!

*Can be molded to fit over curved surfaces...just bend it, hold it & it holds its shape!

Ideal Seam Guides are used in combination with the Ideal Seam Gauge (sold separately) to ensure perfectly straight seams from 1/8in to 1-1/2in. These amazing, must-have guides are equipped with a rubber backing that clings to your sewing bed - no magnets, clamps, or sticky residue! The cutout on the side of the Ideal Seam Guide fits easily around wide feed dogs and walking feet. This handy tool provides a perfectly straight edge to guide your fabric along as you sew, ensuring straight, even seams. You can reposition it again and again. If the Ideal Seam Guide loses its tack, simply wash it with a multi-surface cleaner and rinse it with warm water. Allow it to air dry and you're ready to sew again.
Many quilters have teamed the 10in with the 15in to achieve the Practical Perfect Piecing strategy running them parallel to each other when strip piecing.

Quilting with the Ideal Seam Guide Video
This is AWESOME! Use the Ideal Seam Guide for your straight-line quilting on your domestic sewing machine! It sticks to fabric and washes clean when it loses its tacky.

How to use the Ideal Seam Gauge and Guides Does this Notion REALLY Work? Sewing Notions

How to clean your Ideal Seam Guide.

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Seam Guide Instructions:

Remove the acetate covering the back side of the guide, (Label side goes up when sewing). Place the guide along side your Ideal Seam Gauge, press firmly onto the sewing surface. You are ready to Sew!

To take the guide up, gently lift on the beveled end until it releases. Recover the rubber strip with the acetate when not in use.

To clean the guide after it gets to linty, wash in the kitchen sink with Fantastic or a similar multi-surface cleaner and gently rub the lint away. Rinse with warm water then let it air dry and it is ready to use over again.
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