ETA this month! Lap seam foot # 71 (8mm) is your dependable partner.

When it comes to sewing lapped and flat-felled seams in heavy fabrics, Lap seam foot # 71 (8mm) is your dependable partner.

Use it to sew two-step flat-felled seams on jeans or sportswear simply by sewing the layers wrong sides together. A channel on the left of the presser foot tip holds the turned-under fabric in place for the second line of stitching.

By using Lap seam foot # 71 (8mm) both raw edges are encased in the seam, making this presser foot suitable for sewng reversible items of clothing.

Get professional results with Lap seam foot # 71 (8mm) – your presser foot for straight seams such as side seams and yokes.

Tutorial: how to sew lapped and flat-felled seams with the BERNINA lap seam foot no. 70 and 71. Sew accurate lapped and flat-felled seams effortlessly – no problem with the BERNINA lap seam feet no. 70 and 71! This video tutorial will provide clear instructions on how to use this handy accessory to produce resilient and strong seams and to avoid exposed fabric edges, for example on the internal and external side seams of trouser legs or sleeves. You will be well equipped to handle this with the BERNINA lap seam feet no. 70 and 71.

BERININA 71 foot machine quilt binding. Machine Quilt Binding using a BERNINA 71 flat felled seam foot. Mitering binding corners. Joining binding ends when applying to quilt top.

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