Peel 'N Stick is a firm tearaway backing with adhesive on one side.

Ideal for "hoopless" embroidery where items cannot or should not be mashed in a traditional embroidery hoop.

Available in various widths and lengths.

Peel n Stick Self Adhesive stabilizer. See why Peel 'n Stick is a favorite among machine embroiderers for things that are hard to hoop, too small to hoop and for people who hate to hoop.
Peel ‘N Stick is an adhesive tearaway stabilizer used for hoopless embroidery or to provide additional stabilization of items during the embroidery process. Ideal for velvets, napped materials, silks, knits vinyl, leather and any material requiring a better hold or that will not fit in a standard hoop.

Deborah H, Thompson GA
I'm very pleased with my purchase.