Great for smaller, narrower embroidery projects such as shirt sleeves, pant legs,
Two Stations
Two Hooping Pro stations are available – An optional “Full Station” for polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, etc. and the narrower “Project Station” on this page for specialty projects such as shirt sleeves, pant legs, hat backs, bags, etc.

Slot Design
Slot Design allows for Infinite width adjustment and lets the embroiderer hoop their project precisely where THEY want.

Brass Stops
Each station comes with adjustable Brass Stops with rubber “bumpers” to securely hold consistent tension on outer rings during hooping.

Recessing Made Easy
Each Brass Stop has a “platform” to elevate the outer ring slightly above the station table. Thus, when the frame or inner ring is inserted and fully depressed into the outer ring on the station, the outer ring will be correctly recessed when removed from the table.

Ready-To-Go Out of the Box
Each Full Station comes with 8 Brass Bumper stops. Each Project Station comes with 6 Brass Bumper stops.

Designed for Ease of Use
Both stations have three table angles to provide the most ergonomically comfortable hooping position for the embroiderer.

Built Right –Built to Last
Solid steel legs with rubber feet prevent station movement during hooping. Additional holes in the base legs are provided so the station can be permanently attached to the embroiderer’s existing work surface if desired.

Ready to Work
Both stations come with their own Backing/Stabilizer holder and Freedom Ring holder.

Durkee Project Station Demo:

Durkee Project Stations Plus Boards:

Click here to watch the Optional Durkee Hooping Pro – Introduction

Durkee Optional Hooping Pro-Left Chest and Jacket Back

Optional Durkee Hooping Pro – Freedom Ring Demo:
Here are a few of the differences and perhaps the most important are the first two items: 1. Hoopmaster is a very fine system and has been around for many years. However, there are some things a potential buyer needs to know. With Hoopmaster, after you have purchased their system, you MUST have a different “fixture” to hold the outer ring of each and every hoop you wish to use. The fixtures cost between 150.00USD and 200.00USD each – 5 hoops you want to use…then, 5 times 1500.00USD to 200.00USD. Perhaps even worse, because the fixtures are 100% specific to the buyers machine hoops, if they ever trade machines to a different brand machine, they must start all over buying fixtures because the Hoopmaster fixtures are NOT interchangeable between hoop brands. a. With the Durkee Hooping Pro System, once you make the initial purchase you are through buying. You can use any Manufacturer’s hoop – single needle hoop, multi-needle hoop, magnetic hoop, or even wooden hoops – all the way up to 17” x 16”. If you change machine types – no problem, the Hooping Pro works with ALL manufacturer’s hoops! 2. If Hoopmaster does not have a fixture for the specific hoop you want to use, then that hoop cannot be used on the Hoopmaster system. See 1a above. 3. The Hoopmaster system is a pegboard type system that allows you to only make incremental changes in hoop position by pre-determined ¼” pegboard holes. a. The Hooping Pro is a “slot board” system that allows the user infinite adjustability down to a fraction of an inch. 4. If a person purchases our HP1 (Full Hooping Station), HP2 (Project Station), and our HPJ (Junior Plus Board for junior sizes and petite lady’s sizes), they should never need to purchase any additional hooping device or system. Also, our HP1 comes with all three (3) sizes of Embroiderer’s Helpers for perfect design placement for left and right chest embroidery, plus, a Pal 2 Laser light. There are five videos on our website demonstrating the complete system. This information is helpful in educating customers on the differences.