Durkee PR2424 Most Popular 9x9" Hoop. Also works for 5x7" Designs* With Side Brackets Included for Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR1000, BabyLock EMP6, BMP8, BMP9, ENT10, and BNT10 Embroidery Machines using your Arm A, not Arm B. *

NOTE: This item comes in a GREY Color, not available in Black.

Note: Can only use up to 8x9" designs on Brother PR machines, unless you are splitting designs on your embroidery software or Brother's PE Design software first.

Double height, 24cm x 24cm (9″×9″) square frame. Fits Brother PR600/Baby Lock Series machines. Common uses: Children’s clothing, larger square designs that round hoops cannot accommodate.

This hoop fits the Brother PR600, PR-600C, PR600II, PR620, PR650, PR1000, and the PR1000e and the Baby Lock EMP6, BMP8, BMP9 and ENT10 embroidery machines. The hoop carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the plastic components and feature Durkee’s exclusive EZ TURN Thumbscrew.

Ships with the brackets attached. Grids not available.

*To embroider a design of 5 x 7" you must allow for the design itself, as well as, the sewing head. The next size up for that from Durkee would be our 9” x 9” hoop. As long as that size hoop will fit into the project you are embroidering, that would be your best bet from Durkee. It also happens to be the most popular hoop size we sell to the home embroidery market.

NOTE: When using hoops on your Brother machine that are non-Brother hoops you may have to do a trial layout. Make sure the needle or foot will not hit the frame when it is sewing.
  • US Warranty Limited Lifetime
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

It is our pleasure to detail the guarantee provided for our tubular hoop line. We guarantee the plastic component of the round hoops for a lifetime against manufacturer's defects.
We will exchange the plastic component at no cost provided the breakage is not due to abuse or using the parts in a manner not consistent with commercial embroidery practices.

The Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square is great for embroidering children’s clothing and larger square designs that round hoops cannot accommodate.This Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square is constructed of high impact plastic making it virtually indestructible. The Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square has brass inserts for all screws, light texture on the hooping surface, directional guides, and extra height, which aids in holding thicker, harder to hold garments. The adjusting rings' thumb screws on the Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square are large and long to provide more torque and have a wider space for adjustments. The metal clips on the Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square are extra long, aiding in vibration reduction. The Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square metal clips are zinc plated to provide reduced wear, and they come complete with plastic screws and lock washers.
Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square Advantages:

Directional guides.
Thumb screw is larger and longer than our competitors'.
Wide space thumb screw adjusting.

Durkee Embroidery Hoop - 24cm x 24cm (9"x9") Square works with:
Brother PR600
Brother PR-600C
Brother 600II
Brother 620
Brother 650
Brother PR1000
Brother PR1000e
Babylock EMP6
Babylock BMP8
Babylock BMP9
Babylock ENT10
Tajima Embroidery Machines
Toyota Embroidery Machines
Renaissance Embroidery Machines

Durkee EZ Stitching Video Project Tutorials Featuring Mike Johns


Project #1 Baby Onesies

Durkee Hoops 5"x9" Baby Onesie Project from Brent Taylor on Vimeo.

Project #2 Embroidered Stuffed Animals

Embroidering a Stuffed Animal Using EZ Frames on the Multineedle Machine from Brent Taylor on Vimeo.

Project #3 Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking Using Durkee EZ Frames on Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine from Brent Taylor on Vimeo.

Project #4 L/R Chest Embroidery

Left-Right Chest Embroidery - Multi-Needle Machines from Brent Taylor on Vimeo.

Included Accessories
  • Hoop and Side Brackets
For optimum design registration, it is important to use a hoop that is closest to the size of the design. This will help eliminate puckering as well as wasting other supplies, such as backing or topping.

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Very efficient and the website worked out great for me!

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The hoop is wonderful. It allows for a larger size design than a 5x7 on a kid shirt. the only problem is that the threads strip after a while leaving the hoop unusable. I love the hoop though so I am about to order my 4th one.

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I purchased this hoop in 2011 and recently wanted to use it for an 8" x 8". The hoop is not large enough as the corners are too rounded and the hoop will not accommodate a square design.

Megan, Texas
Love the hoop!

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The wrong Durkee hoop was sent but Delores was wonderful and took care of the problem to my complete satisfaction. Thanks!

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