Dream Collection! Clear Slimline box contains one spool each of all 80 Cotton Petites colors; 66 Solids, 14 Blendables. A huge savings over buying items separately. Easier, faster and more fun than floss! Ideal for hand and machine work, one strand of 12wt. Cotton Petites equals two strands of the typical embroidery floss. No separating strands, no tangling, and cut any length you want! Storage is tidy on a 50yd snap-end spool with no loss of color identity. In same great Solid Color and Blendables cotton thread you know and love.
Contains the first 80 12wer Cotton Petites Colors, (66 Solids/14 Blendables) all on 50 yard snap end spools for easy use and storage. Gone are the days of having separate strands of floss or untangle your thread befor you start your lastest project. One strand of Sulky 12wt. cotton thread is equal to 2 strands of embroider floss. Sulky cotton Petites tread has been a huge hit among hand quilters and hand embroiderers.