has over 70 years of combined factory-trained mechanics experience in servicing portable sewing, serger, quilting, and embroidery machines. We now have premium professional repair services available on your sewing machines in-store or by mail.

For Portable Mechanical Sewing Machines without any electronics on board Minimum $199.99 Charge +$25 for Return Ship +Parts and Installation Labor. Minimum $299.99 charge for Portable Computer, Embroidery or Serger machines. Minimum $399.99 plus Freight for Multi Needle, Industrial, or Longarm machine heads. (do not send stands)

We are the Sewing Machine Doctors with a motto of Fix it Right The First Time with a warranty of 30 days on mechanical and electronic adjustments, not recleaning.
We Service AllBrands of Portable Machines: Brother, Babylock, Bernina, Elna, Juki, Kenmore, Necchi, Riccar, Pfaff, Singer, Viking, White, Simplicity.

Your sewing machine is your baby. We want to help you ensure the best quality stitches on your sewing, quilting, embroidery, or serger machine, that are well adjusted and running smoothly!

Review our simple 3 step process below to get started!
Or, Click HERE to Email Attn: [email protected] or general mailbox Attn: [email protected] if you have any questions or want to send pictures, prior to placing your order

Mail-in or Ship in Service Plan for all portable home sewing and embroidery machines. Here is how the program works.

*$199.99 +25.00 Return Shipping Cost if mail order: on Basic Mechanical Portable Sewing Machines.

*$299.99 +25.00 Return Shipping Cost if mail order: Computerized Sewing, Embroidery Machines,Sergers, Portable Blind Hem Machines.

*$399.99 +Pallatized Freight Return Shipping Cost if mail order: on Multi Needle Embroidery, Industrial Sewing Machine Heads, and Long Arm Quilting Machine heads.

Step 1. Purchase the 149.99 dollars minimum charge repair service above plus 25 dollars added for our prepaid and insured return shipping costs in USA 48 States. $100 Upcharge for Electronic, Embroidery or Serger. $200 upcharge for Mulit Needle, Industrial, or Longarm Quilting Machines. We will email you an Authorization Number to put on the outside of the box for easy identification.

Step 2. Ship your machine insured to, Attn: Service Department, 20415 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, La. 70817. Pack in original carton with all styrofoam and double boxed, or wrap in 5" of heavy bubble wrap and double boxed. Include your foot control, bobbin case, bobbin, power cord, thread, needles and fabric samples, hooped fabric with stabilizer, copies of any prior repair tickets, printouts of our email communication, order confirmation, and any written documents regarding the sewing problems you are having with your machine.

Step 3. We will service and ship your repaired machine back pre-paid and insured. If mechanical adjustments or parts are needed, our mechanics will email or call you for approval of estimates above our minimum service charges. Our charges includes removing covers, cleaning, oiling, replacing covers, and balancing thread tension in sew off. Our average repair bill includes and average of 2 mechanical or electronic adjustments

If your machine cannot be repaired or you do not want to pay for any additional parts or installation required,
the 25 dollar prepaid shipping charge will be used to return your portable machine to you un-repaired.

Why do I need to have my sewing machine serviced?

There are many moving parts in a sewing machine and if it moves, it needs lubrication. These days many of the moving parts are housed with computer circuit boards and wires around them. Our Sewing machine technicians are factory trained to maintain and service computerized sewing machines.

For best performance and years of sewing, our technicians suggest you have your machine serviced annually. Below is our 24-Point Tune-Up Checklist and a list of Sewing Machine Performance Tips that our technicians suggest between services.

Sewing Machine Performance Tips:

Keep your machine covered when not using it. Household dust, lint and pet hair can enter your machine in one of it's many openings causing all types of problems.

Keep your machine away from direct sunlight, high/low temperatures and humidity.

Use the right needle for your project and change your needle every 3 to 4 hours of sewing or after every other project. The needle is the major culprit for most sewing problems.

Use good quality thread.

Use bobbins made specifically for your machine and make sure your bobbin thread is wound tight and no loose threads are hanging.

DO NOT SEW OVER PINS! Your needle may break, you could damage the hook or pieces of the needle could fly up into your face.

Do not use canned air on your machine or blow into your machine. The lint is just being pushed further into the machine and you are spraying moisture into your machine which can cause corrosion or damage your circuit boards

Clean the bobbin area frequently. Refer to manual for instructions.

Have a 24 Point Inspection completed, at a qualified repair center, on your sewing machine once a year to keep it performing like new for years to come.
  • US Warranty 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
24-Point Tune-Up:

Below is a checklist all technicians complete, if applicable, with every 24-Point Sewing Machine Tune-up performed.

Check Bobbin Winder Mechanism
Inspect Cam Followers & Spacers
Clean Take-Up Lever
Clean & Lube - Pendulum Swing Mechanism
Check Spool Pins, Felts & Caps
Adjust Needle Bar Height
Check Light Bulb
Acuate All Levers & Knobs
Deburr Needle Plate
Polish Hook
Check Timing (Hook & Feed)
Inspect Feed Dogs & Adjust
Clean Bobbin Case
Adjust Bobbin Case Positioner Bracket
Inspect Gears
Check Linkage Bearings & Sleeves
Test Motor Blocks and Pivot Connections
Adjust Motor Belt & Inspect
Check Timing Belt for Wear
Test Tension Knobs & Springs For Torque
Electrical Cords Inspection
Inspect Foot Control Wear
Clean Exterior & Polish
Test Sew On Demo Fabric

Below is what we are taught by sewing machine manufacturers

Completely disassemble sewing machine
Clean out all lint and debris
Degumm and remove old oil and grease
Apply new oil and grease
Check and adjust/reset over 30 settings
Polish all areas in thread path, hook, bobbin case, needle plate, presser foot etc..
Check for any updates update as needed
Reset service programs and calibrations
Balance tensions
Sew it out and fine tune as needed
Then clean exterior of machine

See Videos on maintenance below! Maintenance for Sewing Machines

Nancy Zieman Video on 6 Techniques for Sewing Machine Maintenance

Click HERE for Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips from Cooperative Extension Service, New Mexico State University

Click HERE to Email Attn: [email protected] or Attn: [email protected] if you have any questions prior to placing your order

Click HERE for You Tube videos on Home Sewing Machine Maintenance, so if it something simple that you can do at home, it doesn't need to go to the shop

Click HERE for You Tube videos on Home Sewing Machine Repair, so if it something simple that you can do at home, it doesn't need to go to the shop

Click HERE for Zen and the Art of Sewing Machine Maintenance7 Steps To Peak Performance For Your Sewing Machine from Fix Sewing Machine Institute

7 Steps To Peak Performance
For Your Sewing Machine from Fix Sewing Machine Institute

See You Tube Videos on Sewing Machine Repair

Although using a Bernina 1008, most of the information applies to most sewing machines. All sewing machines do better with a little bit of ‘TLC’. Just a bit of a clean up and a drop of oil every now and then does wonders. Keeping your sewing machine clean and lubricated will reduce the wear and tear and keep everything running smoothly.

mizsparrow: How a sewing machine hooks threads into your fabric, on underneath oscillating shuttle sewing machines

Quick Guide for Sewing Machine Top Tension pdf by Cindy Needham

DIY: Cleaning Your Vintage Sewing Machine

Sewing Machne Maintenance Tips | National Sewing Circle. Jessica Giardino provides extremely beneficial tips on how to perform maintenance on your own sewing machine. Learn how to make repairs to your machine at home to save money and stitch happily. Find out how often you should perform maintenance on your machine as well as what tools you may need to help clean your sewing machine.

Singer Blog on Troubleshooting Tips

Sewing Machine Lubricants

How to Clean and Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine.
Did you know you need to oil your Bernina sewing machine every 3 - 5 bobbins? You do! To many people neglect oiling their Bernina sewing machine or even worse have been told NOT to oil their sewing machine.

Bernina We All Sew Blog on How to Clean and Maintain Your Sewing Machine


Bernina Users - THIS IS NOT LINT! ***DO NOT REMOVE***

Video Tip: Avoid Thread Bird Nesting from Top Thread balling up underneath the fabric

15 Reasons Why a Sewing Machine Needle Breaks by Sewing Mastery, Heirloom Creations
A sewing machine needle can break for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is operator error and sometimes it can be the wrong needle for the fabric. If you have experienced a rash of broken needles within a short amount of time, see if one of the following situations relates to you and learn how to overcome the problem.

Thread Catches on the Spool
Some thread brands have these lovely thread holders notched in the edge of the spool. Handy, yes, but if the thread spool is laying on its side it can catch in the groove, pull the thread tight and SNAP the sewing machine needle. To avoid this, be sure to stand this type of thread up using a vertical thread pin.

Thread Wraps Around the Spool Cap:
For threads that need a horizontal spool pin and a spool cap to hold them in place, the thread can get caught between the thread spool and the cap. Though a spool cap is necessary to keep the thread in place, it must be pushed into place so there is no gap for the thread to catch between the two. This is one of the reasons I prefer using a thread stand.

Whitening Your Yellowed Vintage Sewing, Serger, Embroidery, Quilting and Knitting Machine Plastic ABS Parts! (RetroBrite) This is a video demonstrating how I have whitened some ABS plastic pieces of a vintage knitting machine that had become yellow with age and exposure to UV light. This is the RetroBrite procedure, which you may have seen being used on old video game consoles, sneakers, computers, and other older ABS plastic products. Works very well, is inexpensive, and really helps restore these old beauties to their former glory.

Machine Maintenance with Gary | Echidna Sewing

How to oil your sewing machine needle bar, prevent costly repairs DIY simple fix drop in bobbin case. Jeff shows on Brother made Babylock Destiny

How to Remove Thread from the Take-Up Lever & Remove Fabric Stuck in the Needle Plate
Have you ever started sewing and the thread pulled out of the needle? Doug shares how to fix this common issue so you can return back to stitching. Plus, learn how to remove fabric that gets stuck on the machine after you have completed sewing.

Singer Sewing Tips 101: Maintenance and TLC

Included Accessories
You don't need an appointment to bring your machine in for service.
Please remember to bring in the following items:

Sewing Machine:
Power Cord
Foot Control
Bobbin Case
Zig Zag Foot
Buttonhole Foot
Sample of Material and Thread you are using

Embroidery Machine:
Embroidery Unit
Embroidery Hoop
Embroidery Foot
Embroidery Bobbin Case
Power Cord
Foot Control
Bobbin case
Zig Zag Foot
Buttonhole Foot
Sample of Material and Thread you are using
Other Images

icon 33263: Repair Service. Hard to read line at bottom in Red:  "Additional Labor Charges for Parts Installation and major adjustments. Parts not included." No Refunds, Only store credit for trade in of your machine on a new model.

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How long does the service take? is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817, so you will need to allow for shipping time from your state to our state. Return shipping from AllBrands warehouse takes only 3 business days shipping time in the USA 48 states, due to our automatic upgrade from ground to 3rd Day FedEx or UPS shipping at no additional charge. We are running 3-4 weeks turnaround time on machines we are not waiting for parts on.

After we receive your machine, we will diagnose the problem to see if it goes beyond a basic tune up requirement (cleaning, oiling, balancing tensions, and sew off) and advise you. We stock most repair and replacement parts. Over 90% of sewing machine repairs do not require parts, only adjustments that have probably never been made correctly, If your repair requires a part to be ordered that we do not have in stock, this will add several days or weeks to the normal 3-4 weeks turnaround time it takes in the shop for tune ups, mechanical and electronic adjustments.

What types of machines do you service?

We service All Brands of portable sewing and embroidery machines. You will need to determine if it is cost effective to send in your machine for repair, or purchase a new machine with up to 25 year manufacturer warranty, and up to 10 year optional extended parts and labor warranties which only applies to brand new machines. Once you purchase the service and we receive your machine, we will update you on your repair if additional adjustments and/or parts are needed.
If your machine can not be repaired due to unavailability of parts, we will ship it back in 3 business days and email you an online store reimbursement credit for the minimum charge paid, which you could use to upgrade to a new machine.

How will I know if my machine can be repaired?

When you place your order, please add a description of your problem. We will not process and nor charge for the order if our experience suggests that it would cost more than the replacement value of the machine.


Please note that effective immediately, our LaVergne, Tennessee service facility will
no longer accept SINGER XL-1000, XL-5000, or XL-6000 sewing and embroidery
machines for service.

Should you need to have one of these models repaired in the future, please contact the
service centers we have listed below, they are qualified to repair these machines.
If you require technical assistance when repairing one of the above, you may, however,
continue calling our technical support department.

Lakes Sew Center #7813
3716 E. Main Street Suite 2
Mesa, AZ 85205
(888) 873-9822 or (480) 545-0778

A Family Sewing Center #8008
4950 Wilson Avenue SW Suite 70
Grandville, MI 49418
(616) 538-8885

Thank you,

SVP Worldwide Technical Services
SVP Worldwide * 1224 Heil Quaker Blvd. * LaVergne, TN 37086
Bernice M, Email Support
I have found a video and oiled the machine in the hook race and that area after cleaning machine runs bunches better thank you so much for your help stay safe I got your email address and numbers saved until next time .you were a great help

CC Rice. , Houston TX
"These guys fixed my machine that had been in a different shop twice already. Runs like new now...." Google 5 Star Review

M Whitney, LA

Just want to let everyone know how accommodating Seth the sewing machine Tech was today. I drove 2 hrs to bring my machine in for a technical problem. There were several machines ahead of me to be serviced. He went above and beyond to get to mine done so that I wouldn't have to return another day. They were so nice , I was able to shop plus hubby took me to a nice place for lunch. When we returned to check on the status of my machine Seth had it fixed and ready to go to make the 2 hour trip back home. Thank you Seth.

Diane G, Austin TX
I am writing to thank you for tremendous customer service and support. We are repeat customers of AllBrands, but now we are customers for life. My wife was in the middle of an embroidery project that she intended to take with her on a trip in 2 days, when she started receiving an error code on her Brother machine. I tried to diagnose the problem with no success. We called AllBrands and we were referred to John (the owner). John graciously spent over an hour with us, well after his closing time, walking us through all the possible causes and he pinpointed the problem. We are delighted. John, you saved our trip! Thank you for such great service and support. We won't forget it! Diane & Mike G., Austin, TX

AllBrands, Baton Rouge LA
How often should I replace my sewing needles? Machine needles should be replaced after a maximum sewing time of 8 hours. Replace needles more frequently when sewing synthetic fabric, appliqués or machine embroidery. This will avoid skipped stitches, fabric pulls and frayed threads. Machine needles are designed to break for the protection of the sewing machine hook mechanism. If a needle bends, do not sew with it. When a machine needle breaks, it is a warning to check the following: The needle type and size is correct Is the thread too thick or unsuitable for the needle size and application? Is the upper thread feeding freely? Are the thread tensions set too tight? Does the machine need cleaning? Is the correct presser foot fitted? Is the correct sewing technique being used? Is the fabric being pulled, pushed or dragged during sewing? Twin needles usually break due to excessive heat build up. Reduce speeds and avoid prolonged usage.

John Douthat, Owner & Tech
We sell quality name brand sewing machine models from leading manufacturers: Brother, Janome, Juki Singer and Industrials We sell the best and service the rest. We also sell reconditioned machines. Accessories include presser feet, bobbins, needles, carrying cases, cabinets, tables, lamps, chairs, irons ironing boards, garment steamers. etc. We also sell patterns, fabrics, books, notions, threads, machine embroidery and quilting supplies.. all online or in our retail stores in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell, Lafayette, and Lake Charles, Louisiana... including regular classes and events.

Singer Manual, 1949
1949 Singer Sewing Manual - THE MENTAL APPROACH TO SEWING "Prepare yourself mentally for sewing. Think about what you are going to do... never approach sewing with a sigh or lackadaisically. Good results are difficult when indifference predominates. Never try to sew with a sink full of dishes or beds unmade. When there are urgent housekeeping chores, do these first so your mind is free to enjoy your sewing." "When you sew, make yourself as attractive as possible. Put on a clean dress. Keep a little bag full of French chalk near your sewing machine to dust your fingers at intervals. Have your hair in order, powder and lipstick put on with care... if you are constantly fearful that a visitor will drop in or your husband will come home and you will not look neatly put together, you will not enjoy your sewing as you should."