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Grace GC-GL-01 Gracie Battery Power Laser Light Stylus Pointer to Follow Patterns (+$49.99, You Save $20.00)

Attach fabric to your frame easily and accurately with the Grace Frame Cloth Leaders.

This time-saving product will help you accurately install your fabric layers to your quilting frame. Includes three hemmed King Size (112") printed cloth leaders. The Start-Right Cloth Leaders will help you to manage your quilt from start to finish.
Start-right Precision cloth leaders help you manage your quilt from start to finish.

A time-saving product for accurately installing your fabric layers to your quilting frame.

Watch Grace Ambassador Leah Day show you how to attach leader cloth to your Grace Frame
Manage your quilt from start to finish with precision cloth leaders as you use your machine.

Helps you easily attached fabric to your frame
The cloth leaders keep your quilt square and loaded properly
For your Q'nique quilting frame
These leaders are printed with precise guide marks and pin lines
The guide marks and pin lines are there so you can quickly and accurately attach the fabric to your frame
Serge or hem the leader ends and install
Made of heavy duty 100% cotton
Includes a Velcro attachment kit that can be used to secure the cloth leaders to the frame
Instructions are printed on each leader for easy reference
Included Accessories
Used for 8 & 10 foot frames

  • One 112" x 24" Cloth Leader
  • One 112" x 18" Cloth Leader
  • One 112" x 8" Cloth Leader
  • Three 112" x 8" Velcro Strips
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icon Grace Start Right 112" Grid Quilt Frame Cotton Cloth 3 Leaders

icon Comes with velcro strips for holding fabric to back rails.

icon Same as Juki 3 Piece Set of Leader for Attaching Quilt to Rail With this leader cloth, excess fabric is not needed for wrapping around rails and the printed guidelines help with aligning. MSRP: $108.00 for 4STRL-112" 10ft Frame and $135.00 for 4STRL-136" 12ft Frame

START-RIGHT CLOTH LEADERS A time-saving product to help you attach the fabric to your frame easily, and accurately. Includes three king size cloth leaders printed with precise guide marks and pin lines. It works great with our Fabri-Fast system, but also includes a Velcro® attachment kit that can be used to secure the cloth leaders to your frame.136″ is great for King size frames while the 112" is great on smaller frames. If you have a crib size frame, you may need to cut down the 112". Cloth Leaders are also available by the yard. Call for details and know beforehand the sizes that you’ll want.
Dotti O , Union KY
I’m so impressed with All Brands and my Grace SR2 quilting frame. My only issue was I did not get notification that it shipped; but I received it faster than I imagined, so it is by no means a complaint.

Pamela W, Gastonia NC
Pleasantly surprised to have both shipments arrive earlier than expected. Had one issue that required Customer Service report (manufacturer sent incorrect component), but Kim with Customer Service took care of the issue immediately. I would highly recommend Allbrands.com to family and friends.

Barbara, North Carolina
The order was one of many placed in a sale. After a week I contacted the company to see where it was. got a lovely response about the huge response causing the delay and a delay from the vendor. Then I got a notice that the order had shipped. I certainly wasn't asking for special service, but I got it. Thank you!

Deborah, Massachusetts
Thank you for such prompt service.

Vanessa, Kansas
thank you. the order came very quickly.

Margaret, Georgia
I love my leaders.

Linda, South Dakota
You are great, always good products at a good price and excellent shipping.

Ann, Oklahoma
Thank you so much for your help. I plan on ordering from you again in the future. The manner in which you handled this shipping problem was excellent. It seems you know the true meaning of "customer service:.

Kathy, California
I have been very satisfied with all orders through All Brands.

Betty, Cal
Keep up the good work!

Teresa, Wisconsin
I will be ordering from you again! Thank you!

Curtis, Oklahoma
At first I was concerned about the price and having to alter the size. I'm new at quilting and didn't really understand what cloth leaders were used for. But after receiving the product, wonderful! I am very pleased with this product.