Blank durable plastic cards that are easy to punch with the optional plier punch.

These machines allow you to do a wide variety of knitting including lace, tuck, plating, slip stitch, weaving and Fair Isle designs. Pre-punched pattern cards included, or use optional blank card plier punch to create your own beautiful and unique designs on optional blank cards. We have been lining both the top and the bottom of the knitting machine inner box with bubble wrap which has completely eliminated damage to the machines during shipping.

10 blank punch cards.
24 stitch pattern.
Fit for KH820,KH830, KH836, KH840, KH860, KH890, KH881, KH891, KH892, KH864, KH868, KH869, KH260 Brother knitting machines.
Fit for SK210, SK218, SK260, SK280, SK321, SK360, SK600, SK700, SK740 Silver Reed/ Singer/ Studio/ Empisal/ Knitmaster knitting machines.
Fit for TOYOTA knitting machine.
Durable for professional use.
Punchcards 10pak - Blank 24 stitch - Knitting Machine. These are blank cards that are durable plastic that are thin and easy to punch and ready to be punched to your newest graphic. Cards fit almost all standard and bulky gauge 24 stitch punch card knitting machines including Brother, Studio, Singer, KnitKing, White, Silver Reed, Empisal and some Toyota models (will not fit Toyota KS901). 10 cards/pack.
24 stitch punch cards do not work on 12 stitch punch card machines.
As to the quality of Taitexma machines the facts speak for themselves. Not one Taitexma machine sold in the U.S. this year (2012) has been returned for a needed repair. The Rhode Island School of Design has been offering knitting machine classes for many years utilizing many different makes and models. They purchased 6 TH-860 standard gauge punchcard machines and 6 TR-850 ribbing attachments last year. They are evidently quite satisfied by both the quality and performance of these machines as they recently placed an order for 10 more units with ribbing attachments. ~Distributor of Taitexma Knitting Machines. The biggest difference between the 860 and the 868 is that the 860 has a smooth back rail like the old Brother KH860. The 868 has a notched rail so G carriages could run on it.
For Extended Bed Version TR850L; The TR-850L has 3 ribber clamps included. One for each end and one for the middle. Everything else is exactly the same as the standard 850 ribber. Taitexma does not publish operation manuals specific to the extended bed machines as other than the length they are exactly the same. They include the regular TH-860 and TR-850 manuals with the machines. If the customer has the setting screws tightened down and the bracket assemblies secured to the table with the table clamps there should be no way that the ribber would seem to be in danger of falling off. Taitexma

Will the Brother KL116 Knit Leader work on Taitexma TH868, like it does on KH868?
To answer your customers questions the TH868 is not equipped with either the slots to accept a knitleader or the finger to trigger it. Whether something can be rigged to do so I can't say. Whether the Taitexma is exactly like the old Brother model in feel and construction is subjectivem but in the 3 years I've been selling them I haven't had one come back for repair yet. Also, the Taitexma is available with a ribbing attachment which is a big plus. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Peter

Will all the Brother accessories I have for the Brother KH 890, such as ribber,
color changer, knit leader, intarsia carriage work with the TH 860? Barbara C.
Everything should work except a g carriage as the TH-860 has a smooth back rail without slots. Peter
Karen B, Mesquite TX
Exactly what I ordered with quick delivery