Curve Ruler
The Curve Ruler is probably the most important implement used for fashion design. A sweeping long curve is accentuated by accelerating angles at one end producing a very tight circular curve guide. The result is an infinite set of curves that can be used to connect any of our dots with a smooth, graceful line. Clover's Curve Ruler is also conveniently marked to allow measurement of both lengths and seam allowances.

Hip Curve
The hip line, hem line, side seams and other similar adjustments all require smooth, consistent sweeping curves. Clover's Hip Curve is ideally suited for this application. A long sweeping curve tool marked with measurements for both length and seam allowances, this is the "go to" tool for those fine adjustments that will make the fit of our garment just perfect.

Mini Ruler
Think of how often we need to check a measurement or a seam allowance. Just to be sure before we make it permanent with stitches. Sometimes our garment is even on our sewing machine and under the needle. But we just need a quick check to avoid having to use the seam ripper later. Clover's Mini Ruler is the perfect tool. It's small size, 1X6", makes it easy to manipulate. Marked in both inches for length and fractions of an inch for seam allowances, it is accurate and easy to read for those quick measurements.
What is it?
Is fashion important? Yes! Absolutely! Almost without exception, we feel better when we’re wearing something we consider fashionable. And what makes it fashionable? Style, fit, aesthetics and function. It looks good and we feel good in it. If it’s going to be something we make ourselves, it starts with an amazing pattern that we find. It's important to realize though, that these patterns often indicate only general sizes that fit the average proportions for each size. But truth be told, no one is average. What that means to us is that while overall we might be a "medium", some areas might be a little "extra-medium" while others might be more of a "slim-medium". Okay, so how do we make those adjustments, the ones that will make our project look great and really fit well so we feel like a million bucks? It's easy enough to make the standard measurements and mark them on our pattern. But how do we connect the dots so it looks good? Now let's take it a step further. What if we want to change the neck line? How about arm holes? Perhaps we need to adjust a hip line or the hem line. How can we modify our pattern to satisfy our own personal measurements or perhaps enable our own creative design inclinations? Simple, Clover’s Curve Ruler, Hip Curve and Mini Ruler.

What does it do?
Whether we’re adjusting a pattern for that perfect fit or modifying it to satisfy any particular design inclination we may have, two things to keep in mind. It has to look good and it has to feel good. It's easy to insert our own measurements onto a pattern or modify any particular feature indicated on it. The trick is to gracefully connect the dots to achieve our creative intent. In short we need a guide. Clover has produced three: the Curve Ruler, the Hip Curve and the Mini Ruler.
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