This needle has a Titanium Nitride coating that helps to keep the needle cool… A cool needle results in sewing longer before it gums up. This needle will still dull with usage. It has a light ballpoint. SCHMETZ Gold is the only Titanium Nitride needle available for home sewing. Sizes 75/11.

Slightly rounded point for embroidery on most fabrics. Enlarged eye accommodates special application threads. Titanium Nitride ceramic coating improves needle wear resistance in high stitch count applications and penetration of coarse or densly woven materials. 5 needles per package. Package is not carded.

Here are the four special features of the SCHMETZ Gold needle:
· Titanium Nitride Coating – Helps to keep the needle cool. Resists the sticky adhesives of stabilizers, so the needle does not gum up as fast as a regular needle.

· Large Eye

· Light Ballpoint

· Surpasses High Quality Controls

New announcement from Schmetz below! You will know they are chrome needles because it will be listed on the package. Coming late 2021!

Schmetz 2021 Chrome Announcement
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icon The most popular needle, the Universal, has an eye that is 40% the width of the blade. Really! There are three other needles with larger eyes, the Embroidery and even more pronounced is the elongated eye of the Metallic and Topstitch needles. Now what does a larger eye mean? There is less friction on the thread as it passes through the eye. Ever sew with a thread that breaks or tends to shred? Guess what, use a needle with a larger eye. If you have old thread or maybe a poor quality thread, use a needle with a larger eye. The thread and needle work hard and fast. Help them out when you can with a larger eye.