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Organ HAx1 15x1 100 Chrome Flat Shank Needles Sharp or Ball Point Size 9-20 (+$19.99, You Save $10.00)

Includes 4 Fonts, 67 Quilting Stitches, Elongation, 16 Styles of 1-Step Buttonholes, 37 Straight Stitch Needle Positions Left to Right, Walking Foot Attachment, Box Feed, Auto Needle Threader and Thread Trimmers, Knee Lever for Presser Foot, 12x24" Extension Table, up to 900 SPM Speed, 10 Presser Feet, Weighs 22 Pounds.

Named Runner-up best for quilters by Money Magazine and Money.com.

Take your sewing to the next level with the Juki Kokochi! Click here to view the product page for more information.
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*Synchrony 12 Months No Interest Financing at $87.50 for 12 Months, Equal Monthly Pay plus any applicable taxes. Transaction Code 112. Apply online. Synchrony will advise you of your maximum amount or full credit that you can use towards purchase.

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Comparison Chart of Juki HZL F300, F400 and F600 Top of Line Exceed Sewing Quilting Machines

Juki, the leader in industrial sewing, now delivers high technology to your home with the new F-Series for sewing and quilting. This machine will exceed your expectations by combing power and reliability with all the features even a pro will love. Get professional results with the sleek, easy to operate, multi functional design developed for superior quilting, home decor and garment construction. Take advantage of Juki's many years of industrial sewing expertise and expand your horizons with the Juki HZL-F600.

Check out these videos for more information!

JUKI Exceed Series Overview

Machine Operation Chapter 1, which includes:
  • Replacing the needle
  • Bobbin thread preparation
  • Threading the needle
  • Straight stitch
  • Automatic lock stitch
  • Thread trimming
  • Overcasting stitch
  • Buttonhole stitches

    Machine Operation Chapter 2, which includes:
  • Decorative stitches
  • Letters
  • Darning
  • Memory Folders
  • Saving Patterns

    Click here to access the Juki warranty registration form
  • US Warranty 5 Years Mechanical, 2 Years Electrical, 90 Days Adjustments on defects in material or workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

  • Large variety of patterns and stitches - decorative/utility/alphabet
  • 255 Sewing Patterns and 4 Fonts
  • Open Toe Presser Foot
  • Patchwork Presser Foot
  • Edge Sewing Presser Foot
  • Large LCD display (33mm x 66mm) and easy pattern selection
  • Highest quality industrial style button holes - 16 types
  • Large, wide, work surface (8" wide x 12-1/4" long) 4" larger then the average workspace
  • Easy Threading from the seated position
  • One finger, automatic needle threading
  • Automatic thread trimming by push button
  • Exclusive automatic thread trimming by heel motion of foot pedal
  • High speed sewing up to 900 spm
  • Power at low speed sewing (80 spm)
  • Walking foot for sewing multiple layers including denim and quilting
  • Durable quilting foot and quilt guide
  • Precision feeding system
  • Precise and immediate needle stop
  • Exclusive bobbin winder
  • 2 LED lights for illumination
  • Reliable, stable and quiet running

    Box Feed - Industrial Sewing Machine Technology
    In order to porivide beautiful seams and outstanding feed performance, Juki adopted box feed system. The conventional feed mechanism is oval motion. This eliminates material shrinking and shifting. The accurate feeding system provides superior stitch quality for a variety of light to heavy weight fabrics.

    * Capability to sew from light to heavy weight materials
    * No Fabric shrinkage even sewing on extra light weight materials
    * Thick handles can be sewn with ease

    Direct Stitch Pattern Selection
    Frequently used stitch patterns can be selected directly through the direct select mode.

    Foot Controller with Thread Trimming Function
    The new HZL-F series trims both needle and bobbin threads automatically by pressing the heel side of the foot controller. With this feature you can concentrate on your project while automatically cutting the thread.

    Random Stitches
    The F600 will create the width of select quilting stitch patterns automatically and at random. This will give your quilting project an enjoyable look without any hassle.

    Powerful Feeding
    The HZL-F series has powerful feeding thanks to a special steel feed dog and improved presser foot construction. Heavy material projects, such as hemming denim jeans, can be sewn with ease.

    Industrial Quality Buttonholes
    Using a unique sensor method, HZL-F series sews beautiful buttonholes regardless of the type of material and overlapped sections.

    Knee-Lifting Lever
    Presser foot can be raised and lowered by the knee-lifting lever. Presser foot lift is up to 12mm when the lever is used.

    Dual LED Lights
    LED lights brighten the needle area and sewing are for better material handling.

    Extended Sewing Table
    HZL-F Series has a wider underarm space, with a wider table it is more enjoyable and comfortable to work with large projects.

    Sewing Speed: Up to 900 SPM (stitches per minute)
    Weight: 21.6 lbs
    Dimensions: 17.5" (W) x 11.4" (H) x 8.2" (D)
    Stitch Width Control: Up to 7mm
    Stitch Length Control: Up to 5mm

    How to use Juki Exceed Series F300 F400 F600 Sewing Machines

    Brochure on Juki Sewing Evolution Exceed HZL F600
    Operating Manual Instruction Book on Juki Sewing Evolution Exceed HZL F600
    (Takes time to load.)
    Parts List on all Juki HZL F Series Sewing Machines
    Juki HZL-F300-600 Models Instruction Manual(.PDF)
    See Built-in Stitch Patterns on Juki HZL F300
    Buttonhole Balance Adjustment instructions on Juki HZL-F300, HZL-F400, and HZL-F600 Sewing Machines

    Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine Review by The Crafty Gemini. In this video I review my new Juki HZL-F600 Sewing Machine. There are also two other models- the F400 and the F300. The HZL-F600 machine features 225 stitches, an extension table, 12 different presser feet and several other accessories.

Included Accessories

Walking Foot to keep all the materials sewing at the same speed
Quilting Presser Foot for free motion and stippling
Open Toe Presser Foot for easy view applique
Patchwork Presser Foot for 1/4" inch seams, piecing
Edge Sewing Presser Foot for Stitch in the Ditch Quilting
*Electronic Plug In 1-Step Automatic Buttonhole Foot for precise replication on different fabrics

30 Included Accessory Items
10 Snap-on Presser Feet
  • Standard
  • Overcasting
  • Blindhem
  • Auto Buttonhole
  • Manual Buttonhole
  • Patchwork
  • Open Toe
  • Teflon
  • Edge/Joining
  • Zipper
  • Free Motion Walking Foot

  • Hard Case
  • Knee Lift Lever
  • Wide Extension Table
  • 4 Bobbins
  • Eyelet Punch
  • Quilt Guide
  • Small, Medium, Large Spool Caps
  • Special Screw Driver
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Seam Ripper
  • Twin Needles
  • Regular Needles
Other Images

icon If you’d like the quality of Juki with the additional convenience provided by high-tech machines, try the Juki HZL-F600 Full Sized Computer Sewing and Quilting Machine.

In addition to providing almost everything the TL-2000Qi does, the Juki offers 225 built-in stitches, 16 different types of automated buttonholes, lettering fonts and automatic needle threading.

Unlike its mechanical counterparts, the F600 comes with plenty of opportunities to customize its operation, including programming the needle in the up or down position, setting up the foot control to control thread trimming, and programming patterns or stitch sequences to run once or multiple times, among other things. It also provides a sewing guide on the LCD screen in case you need help. Take note, however, that this model is considerably slower than the TL-2000Qi, capping out 900 stitches per minute. (Mind you, that’s still pretty fast.)














icon Knee Lever Socket shown below Stitch Selection Panel Board, is for you third hand, allowing both of your hands to insert fabrics under presser foot, do free motion work, and remove fabrics without having to manually lift the presser foot lever shown on the back of the machine.

icon Accessory storage tray extends bed size to 12" length. Top cover reveals stitch selection modes and thread guides.

icon Presser feet and tools store inside slide tray, readily accessible for use.

icon Stitch Selection Panel with overrides for stitch width and stitch length control.

icon 12x24" Extension Table and Knee Lifter Bar Included.

icon Foot Controller can be used for start/stop, speed control, and thread trimming (depressing heel instead of foot pedal). Knee Lift clamps to bottom of extension table for storage.

icon HZL & DX Series: Oil or No Oil? A common question we receive quite often! The HZL and DX series machines do not need to be oiled as they come lubricated from factory hence why it is not mentioned in the manual. Go figure! But there are times when you may feel the machine needs to be oiled. Here is how: 1. Turn off the machine. 2. Remove the presser foot, throat plate, and bobbin. 3. Clean the area thoroughly. 4. Lubricate magnetic ring with 1-2 drops of sewing machine oil. 5. Take a cloth and wipe away excess oil. 6. Test the machine.

Hi John, We spoke briefly about my trouble with my Juki making automatic button holes. As mentioned, I used different fabric, tried placing the fabric above and below the stabilizing plate, and ensured that the buttonhole foot was plugged in to the machine. I tried different buttonhole types but kept the standard stitch length and width. The sides don't seem to meet up. Angela

Angela, See: Click HERE for Buttonhole Balance Adjustment instructions on Juki HZL-F300, HZL-F400, and HZL-F600 Sewing Machines

Broken Hook Gear: No Longer Available (to dealers) Hook Drive Gear, Juki #400-53453If your machine is still under warranty it has to be sent to Juki in Miami who has the only F series hook gears in stock. If your machine is out of warranty it has to be sent to the Juki tech in Atlanta for a paid repair. All depends on your serial number. Let us know and we will get an answer for you from Juki. 
Richelle M, Little Chute WI
Great customer service. My pc gliched while placing my order, was contacted by email and asked if I needed help. Problem was solved. Really nice to know that not all on line purchases are uncaring computers.

Athena, Ravenna, ohio
I love my Juki! Funny you should ask. I love my Juki Exceed HZL f600! It’s got 225 different decorative stitches, one is a serger stitch. 4 varieties of different letters, numbers and symbols. A threader, an automatic back tack and a thread cutter selection. It has a knee lift insert for when you need to lift the feed dogs hands free and a needle down position for fmqing and piecing. And it comes with all the accessories for quilting, a walking foot, a fmq foot and a table. Manual and hard case also included, plus, so many more feet for button holes, blind hem, zipper and other feet as well. So many, I can’t remember them all! Lol, the dealer offers a class in my region so I could easily start. I personally was afraid/ respectful of mine new, so I used to just go in to my sewing room, turn on the machine’s light. Sit with a dumb smile, and then turn off the machine light and leave the room. Haha! However, I took my class and I love my Juki! ( I’d come from a cheap little Brother prw) not that those are bad, mind you, but my juki is so much more powerful and a workhorse with an 8.5” throat. Speed is adjustable, but, goes 900 stitches every minute! Did I mention I love my Juki?!?

Carla B, Alpharetta GA
Once I figured out to put the foot feed up to thread the machine, I solved my tension problem. FYI: I use a MAC Pro and they don't come with CD's. Wish I had a way to view the CD !

Gladis McKoy, Cantonsville MD
Great machine

Vivian K, Retail Store
"Love my new Juki HZL f600!"

Kristina C, Kansas
I absolutely LOVE this machine! I have had it three months and use it nearly every day. It is very large and sturdy. It sews much better then my previous Brother machine (as well it should for the difference in price.) It is very quiet compared to other machines I have used. I also have a Juki 2000Qi so I am accustomed to having the thread cutter on the foot controller. I use it ALL THE TIME and don't know that I would ever be happy with a machine that doesn't have it. I use the knee lift occasionally. It is great to have available and was a major selling point for me but I haven't been as dependent on it as I thought might be the case. I did not have any trouble getting used to the box feed.... in fact, it is a huge improvement. It feeds straight without any extra encouragement from me. The stitch options are endless! I will never use most of them, but it's nice to know they are there. I am 60% pleased with the extension table but I should qualify that by saying I had an XL Sew Steady extension with my previous machine. I expect I will be adding that to this setup in the near future. This is the third item I've purchased from your company and I've been very pleased with each one. I won't be needing a new sewing machine any time soon, but I'm keeping my eye on that Juki 2200 QVP if I ever come into some extra cash Or if you have one to give away to a loyal customer! :D

Marie, Gulfport Ms
I have one and I love mine. I would say this the best sewing machine I have ever owned.

Nora, Florida
I've been buying my JUKI machines from your company since 1999. When I need the new Juki Longarm I will be buying it from you as well. I love your service, your prices, and your people are the most helpful and friendly out there. I lived in LA for many years and I know when I call your company I will be reminded how pleasant the people from LA are. It is a pleasure to shop at Allbrands.

Margie, North Carolina
Service was great and delivery was great.

José Guillermo Pérez Luna, Puebla, México.
I'm from Puebla, Mexico, I bought my wife Juki machine in January 2013. I see that she is very happy now that she is using the stitches and feet that are very useful for the seams you want to perform. Here in Mexico there are no stores where I can get, so I purchased online from AllBrands. It was very useful, as arrived very quickly. I see that my wife is very happy with the machine, many graciasl AllBrands.

Jennifer D, Dallas TX
Thank you for your help. I purchased my machine Monday, received it Wednesday, and put the warranty in the mail Thursday. So, I know you won't have any paper work yet. But here is the information you requested. Serial # Thank you so much for your help. I love Juki. I have a serger too, and it is wonderful. I'm very excited to start using my sewing/quilting machine. Jennifer

Calla, Florida
I researched sewing machines for three years. This purchase would be my dream machine. I FINALLY found it!! This has everything I wanted, everything the really expensive machines had, at a great price. I can't find anything I don't like or that I would change. It is easy to use, VERY quiet and sews smooth as butter. Take advantage of my research...you won't be sorry!

Frances, Florida
I placed my order on a Friday morning and it was shipped the same day. I've been a customer since 2008. Great place to do business.

Paula, Massachusetts
Excellent service. It took me 10 days to decide on such an expensive order. Customer service was patient and courteous at all times. Answered ALL my questions and helped me place my order. Thank You. I have my eye on a Juki serger now.