Bulk Household Sewing Machine Needles , Box of 100 Sharp Flat Shank for Tightly Woven Micro Fibers, Fabrics.

SCHMETZ Microtex is known for it's sharp needle. The SCHMETZ Microtex is beloved by quilters around the world for piecing and quilting. It is a great choice for batik fabrics too. With the very slim acute point, stitches are perfectly straight. The Microtex is the needle choice for precision. Assorted sizes available.

With very slim, acute point for easier piercing of very fine or densely woven fabrics. The stitch hole is
smaller and seam puckering is reduced. Achieves precise andstraight stitches (e. g. topstitching of
edges) due to the point shape.

Application: Very fine or densely woven fabrics like silk, woven microfibre, foil.

  • Bulk 100 Box of Needles
  • Same as 130M A100
  • Designed for densely woven microfiber fabrics. With a thin shaft, and a slim, sharp point, these needles are the right choice for lightweight fabrics, delicate wovens and heirloom sewing.

    Microtex (Sharp)
    Available Sizes: 60/8, 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, Assorted
    Color Code: Purple
    Feature: Very slim acute point.
    Fabric Use: Micro fibers, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather, coated materials. Very thin acute point creates beautiful topstitching and perfectly straight stitches for quilt piecing when precision is paramount.

    Microtex (Sharp) Sewing Machine Needles - Quick Information. There are a large number of sewing machine needles for a variety of purposes, here is a quick bit of information about Microtex or Sharp needles. http://bit.ly/UWPcxC

    New announcement from Schmetz below! You will know they are chrome needles because it will be listed on the package. Coming late 2021!

    Schmetz 2021 Chrome Announcement
Piecing & Quilting Needles
· Description: Microtex (i.e, sharp) & Quilting Needles create precise &
fewer skipped stitches when piecing & quilting cotton fabrics. Needle
types differ in tapered point. Compare needle types for best results.
· Needle Names & Sizes: Quilting 75/11, 90/14; Microtex 80/12 (2), 90/14.
· Needle Notes: Quilting has a special taper to the slightly rounded point.
Microtex has a very slim acute point.

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