For machine embroidery, use the larger eye 15x1ST-PD needles for 30 to 40wt Threads, not these regular smaller needle eye 15x1PD needles for sewing quilting 50wt & up threads

  • These Organ 15x1PD titanium coated needles are sold in local stores for up to $6.99 per pack of 5. That is $1.40 per needle! Our bulk price brings the cost of 15x1PD needles down to $.50 each.
  • Organ Needle Company has just introduced the most durable needle made from the latest technology using ceramic coatings.
  • These new needles have titanium layered on their surfaces to extend their productive life by as much as five times that of conventional needles.
  • Lasts Five Times Longer than Regular Chrome-Plated Needles
  • Productivity of automated and unmanned sewing equipment is limited by the life of their needles.
  • Organ's titanium coated needles are significantly stronger than other needles while maintaining elasticity
  • This reduces needle breakage, bending, and distortion.
  • These needles provide perfect reliability and durability in prolonged stitching operations.
  • Organ's process for making titanium needles also strengthens the point of the needle.
  • Normally, the point of each needle is exposed to high pressures causing needle wear and breakage. Organ's Perfect Durability needles have been reinforced while maintaining a perfect shape in order to provide greater wear resistance and durability.

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Many thanks for your e-mail of December 14th and for buying ORGAN brand needles through ALLBRANDS. While you purchased 15x1PD Titanium Needles in sizes #9/65, #12/80, and #18/110 you should understand that the "PD/Perfect Durability" titanium plating makes the needles more resistant to wear. The needles are not really "stronger" than chromium plated needles, but the titanium plating on the blades, in the grooves, in the eye, and at the point makes those surfaces more resistant to wear. For example, if you are changing needles because the points wear out, then using a titanium needle will give you 2X, 3X, or even 5X more needle life. On the other hand, if you are changing needles because the needles break due to such circumstances such as hitting a button, extraordinarily tough materials, or malfunction of the machine, then the titanium needles will break just the same as chromium needles. We have recently begun producing a new line of needles that are in many regards "stronger" than conventional 15x1 needles. These needles are designated as "HLx5." The HLx5 were first developed for quilting. The blades of the needles are more resilient, do not flex as easily, and are stiffer. They have a taper blade design to reduce the flexibility and make them more rigid. Although we have all sizes in regular point and ball point (both chrome and titanium) in production, at this moment only the following sizes are available for immediate delivery: HLx5 #11 Reg Pt, #14 Reg Pt, #14 reg pt, and #16 reg pt. We hope to have all sizes in stock by the middle of 2004. If you'd like get these HLx5 needles, please contact ALLbrands. Organ needles are good quality and made in many varieties to serve various sewing applications. We hope you will continue to use ORGAN needles for your sewing projects. Kindest regards, Abe Silberstein DIAMOND NEEDLE CORP
Patricia J, Midwest
I have been using this brand and type of needle for several years. The coating keeps the needle cool so there is no gumming when sewing or embroidering anything involving adhesive. Since they also last 5 times longer so, in the long run, they are less expensive than the non-coated needles. I now use this brand and type needle for machine sewing, serging and embroidery as all the machines I own use the standard size sewing machine needle.

David, Delaware
Met all my wifes expectations and needs. Thankyou

Barbara, New York
I can count on Allbrands for consistent quality service.

Richard, Texas
Excellent service. Thank you

Gay, California
Best price anywhere online!

Beth, New Mexico
The Organ needles I bought are very expensive in the stores. I was glad you carry them at a very reasonable price.