SCHMETZ 15X1 universal needles: General purpose needle for knits and woven fabrics.
Has a medium sharp point. Available in sizes 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120. 100 needles per box.

  • Universal needles are "light ball point" and can sew most wovens or knits.
  • Larger sizes for heavier fabrics, smaller sizes for lighter weight fabrics.
  • Size 90/14 is the best size for general sewing.
  • Use Jersey or Stretch ball point needles for delicate knits
  • Use Jeans/Denim sharp point needles for dense woven fabrics

    Needle Selection Guide
    Needle Comparison Chart

    New announcement from Schmetz below! You will know they are chrome needles because it will be listed on the package. Coming late 2021!

    Schmetz 2021 Chrome Announcement
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Schmetz Needle Guide

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SCHMETZ Needles - Change the Needle. Rhonda Pierce, Marketing Director and Sewing Educator for discusses SCHMETZ Household Needles and how often the needle should be changed. She also discusses why the needle should be changed.
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