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Quilting foot # 29 / 29C is a special presser foot for easy free-motion, outline and stipple quilting.
The vertical spring presses the foot securely to your project, preventing the fabric from riding up with the needle (flagging). The material therefore lies flat while it is being sewn, allowing you to produce neat, consistent stitches. For even greater sewing ease, Quilting foot # 29 / 29C features a clear sole, affording you a perfect view of both needle and stitching area at all times. Order Quilting foot # 29 / 29C now, and discover its wide range of uses.
A New Style Quilting Foot W/ Sensor and transparent sole make the viewing area large and sewing a snap. The vertical action presses the quilting foot onto the material. This prevents the fabric from lifting along with the needle

Bernina Quilting Foot #29C 9mm works with:
Bernina artista:
B 560
B 580
Bernina aurora
B 710
B 740
B 750 QE
B 770 QE
Bernina artista:
B 820
B 830
B 880

BERNINA presser feet -- Quilting foot #29/29C.
The 27th section of the BERNINA presser-feet online tutorial is about the quilting foot no. 29/29C. The clear-sole version of this foot is particularly suitable for quilting. It fits any BERNINA sewing machine. The clear sole provides an especially good view of the stitching area allowing precise positioning of each stitch. This makes it particularly suitable for free-motion-, outline- and stipple quilting. The hopper mechanism prevents the fabric from lifting along with the needle or flagging.
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icon Bernina 008880.74.00 Clear Foot #29C New Style Free Motion Quilting

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