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This foot was developed for 9mm model BERNINA's 1630, artista 180 thru 200). However, it can be used on all models BERNINA for bulkier applications. This foot is especially well suited for sewing seams in thicker jerseys and sweater knits using an overlock stitch. Couching thicker yarns and cords, and piping One side of the foot is higher than the other to accommodate the uneven layers encountered when seaming sweater knits or covering and inserting piping (especially corded piping) The extra space under the foot helps prevent knit fabrics from stretching as they are stitched The same groove under the foot makes it well suited for making corded piping. In many applications, corded piping can be made and applied in one operation with the help of Foot #12C (and #12C will accommodate thicker cording such as for luggage and upholstery applications)
Tutorial: how to use the BERNINA bulky overlock foot no. 12 and 12C
The BERNINA bulky overlock foot no. 12 and 12C are the specialists for sewing knits and producing piping. Designed especially for the smooth transport of thicker materials, they facilitate the processing of knitted fabrics in professional quality and with supreme precision. In our video, you will find out how to assemble and use the bulky overlock foot and what settings you need to make for this on your BERNINA. Many useful tips and clear work examples show you how you can transport and process knitted fabrics very easily. The production of piping or the sewing on of irregular ribbons (e.g. ropes of beads) is depicted in an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide. You are thus able to produce great textile designs in superb quality.

Overlock Foot #12/12C Article