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Free-motion Quilting Tip with BERNINA Darning foot #9

BERNINA presser feet -- Darning foot #9. Published on Oct 15, 2010
The 12th section of the BERNINA presser-feet online tutorial is about the darning foot no. 9. The darning foot is suitable for a series of free-motion techniques such as darning smaller holes or tears. It is also ideal for embroidery, making lace, quilting and sewing monograms. When the needle raises a vertical spring presses the fabric down (hopper mechanism) thus preventing the fabric from lifting along with the needle or flagging. Use a hoop for darning and stitch once lengthways and once crossways over the mend. Use a fine darning thread in matching color to blend in with the fabric.

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icon Bernina 008454.74.00 Foot #9 New Darning and Free Motion

icon Bernina Free Motion Embroidery Darning Foot #9