One of the most versatile feet made by BERNINA, #10 is use by many on every sewing project. This foot is designed to allow perfectly placed stitches along edges and seams. Use it for any form of stitching where a straight guide is required. Edge stitching with all needle positions edge stitching on hems tucks fine edging (with or without cord) decorative edges sewing on lace and ribbon stitching-in-the-ditch The guide (blade) in the front of the foot serves as a reference when stitching along an edge. The guide on Foot #10 is shorter than that of Blindhem Foot #5, allowing greater maneuverability when stitching curved edges and providing more stability on lightweight fabrics Owners of 9mm rotary models 1630 and 180 should consider using Foot #10C (9mm), which will better match the wider feed dog on these models.

Tutorial: how to use the BERNINA edgestitch foot no. 10. The optical impression of your sewing depends on precise edges. This video tutorial shows you how to stitch edges exactly and without slipping with the BERNINA edgestitch foot. In a practice-oriented guide, further possible uses are shown: sewing pintucks, applying lace, sewing on ribbons or strips of material -- all this is possible with a BERNINA edgestitch foot in impressive precision, and indeed with various stitch formations. This video tutorial shows you in detail how to assemble and use the accessories and what settings you need to select for this on your BERNINA sewing machine. Let yourself be inspired by our tutorial to implement your own creative designs and convince yourself of the diverse possibilities that are to be found in the BERNINA edgestitch feet -- an essential accessory for ambitious textile designers.