The Easy Precision Piecing Starter Kit ensures professional fabric piecing every time. When you use the Precision Piecing System, seams lay completely flat helping points match up within quilt blocks. The kit includes a 1oz bottle of SeamAlign Glue, a 4oz Bottle of Easy Press Fabric Treatment, and an Easy Press Pen Applicator.

The SeamAlign Glue is perfect for quilting, applique, and sewing, this glue eliminates the need for pins. Simply place small dots along the edge of the bottom fabric, where you would normally place pins, then place your top fabric over the glue dots, press with your fingers, and iron to adhere the fabrics together. After sewing, open your fabrics so they face right sides up and keeping the seam to one side, press with an iron.

The Easy Press Fabric Treatment and refillable Easy Press Pen are used to achieve a perfectly flat seam. Pour the Fabric Treatment Solution into the Easy Press Pen, then glide the pen along the open seam (on the same side that the seam is pressed to). Iron one last time to achieve a perfectly flat seam! Acorn's Easy Press Fabric Treatment can also be poured into a spray bottle and spritzed over fabric to prevent fraying.
A fully equipped kit with everything you need to start using the Easy Precision Piecing system! Contains: 4oz Easy Press Fabric Treatment, Easy Press Pen, and the 1oz SeamAlign Glue.
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icon Acorn AP10081 Precision Quilt Block Piecing Starter Kit