Quilting rulers have long been used by longarm quilters to make uniform shapes while quilting, but now, with the advent of the domestic ruler foot, domestic quilters can join in on the fun, too! Amanda Murphy, best-selling author of the Free-Motion Quilting Idea Sampler, starts by showing you how to use 6 basic shapes of machine quilting rulers to lay a foundation for your quilting, then moves on to teaching you 59 different designs. Finish up by following Amanda’s suggestions for filling in the background space with free-motion quilting. Basic introduction to rulerwork, with tons of helpful information on using quilting rulers and ruler feet. Stitch 59 designs using 6 basic quilting ruler shapes, including straight lines, circles, and squiggles. Combine rulerwork and free-motion quilting with Amanda’s innovative suggestions.
Use quilting rulers to their fullest

Straight lines, curves ... there are rulers for every kind of quilting! Amanda Murphy shares an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about rulerwork quilting on both domestic and longarm machines. With recommendations for choosing templates and feet, this technical guide is great on its own, but also makes the perfect sidekick to Murphy’s popular Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book. Plan your quilting to perfection and learn to combine rulerwork with free-motion quilting. Watch your quilting aesthetic begin to evolve; helpful photos show you how to execute quilting designs with basic straight-line and circle rulers, as well as specialty shapes like waves, clamshells, and feathers!

- Become a rulerwork expert! Achieve the quilting you want every time
- Work on your longarm or domestic sewing machine, with troubleshooting and ergonomic tips for each
- Buy the right rulers and feet, plan the quilting, and execute rulerwork with finesse
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icon Amanda Murphy CT41027 The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork Quilting Custom Book

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