Our Creative Quilting Inspirations are designed to give you (as the name states) Inspiration and Ideas to help you get more from your Westalee Design Templates.

These are not detailed instructions on how to use a template or how to quilt a design. They show a path to follow to get you started.

Tools and Templates Required:

Westalee Design Ruler Foot
London Collection Flying Bell Curve Triangle Template choose one 3”- 6" size.
Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler

Fabric Requirements: Varies based on designs;

Note from the Designer: This 60 page book is to help you to get more out of the Westalee Design Templates, I spend a “lot” of time creating our Templates and have been asked so many times to write a book on the use of our Templates. So here is the first.

Take a lead from these designs, each can be quilted in different sizes. If I used a 2” Flying Bell Curve Triangle, that same design can be quilted in the 3” or 4” or you might like to quilt it in a 1”.

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