ETA This Month. Rulerwork Foot with Slit #72S

This adjustable foot allows you to sew along a ¼-inch-thick Plexiglass ruler and create decorative quilt designs such as lines, feathers and circles. The markings on the inside and outside allow for precise sewing, and the dial lets you adjust the height of the foot individually to the fabric thickness.

Thanks to the slit in the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72S, you can change a sewing foot without having to cut the thread. This allows an easy transition from Rulerwork to other applications. The foot is compatible with Couching Inserts and Echo-quilting Clips.

  • Switch foot without cutting the thread
  • For quilting with 1/4-inch-thick rulers
  • For free-motion quilting
  • Combine with Couching Inserts for couching
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

    Using the Adjustable Ruler Foot for quilting
  • Lower the feed dog.
  • Attach the slide-on table.
  • Attach the presser foot.
  • Select Straight stitch.
  • If possible, set "Needle stop down".
  • Place the fabric beneath the presser foot.
  • Lower the presser foot.
  • Adjust the height of the presser foot. To do this, turn the adjusting wheel of the presser foot until the fabric can be moved back and forth under the presser foot sole without difficulty. (Fig. 1)
  • Thread the needle.
  • Bring the bobbin thread up to the right side of the fabric. Hold the upper thread and the bobbin thread in place together.
  • Start quilting with ruler (Fig. 2) or free-motion quilting (Fig. 3). Move the fabric with your hands according to the sewing speed in order to achieve an even stitch length.

  • If skipped stitches occur, reduce the presser foot height or the sewing speed.
  • For an optimal sewing result, use the straight stitch plate.
  • For an optimal stitch formation, use the same thread quality and color as top and bobbin thread.
Other Images

icon BERNINA 105803.70.00 1058037000 RFS72SI Rulerwork New Foot #72S with Slit for Threading, 3 Optional Inserts for Couching