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INCLUDED: Organ 16x231 Regular Sharp 100 Industrial Sewing Machine Needles Sz 10-18

JUKI has digitalized the drive mechanism of the sewing machine which determines the "seam" quality, JUKI launches the new "direct-drive, high-speed, lockstitch sewing system with automatic thread trimmer" DDL-9000CF.This is the newest flagship lockstitch machine. Digitalized vertically- and horizontally-driven feed mechanism allows easy adjustment of settings such as the feed focus only on the operation panel according to the material to be sewn.Thanks to the digitalization, Optimum adjustment values required to produce high-quality seams can be stored, on a material-by-material basis, in memory and can be reproduced with ease. For sewing plants which produce diversified products using diversified materials, this feature is quite helpful to achieve stable seam quality.

DDL-9000C is the world's first sewing machine which comes with a digital drive mechanism and facilitates data transfer through NFC technology. This model allows for numerical entry of key settings through the operation panel meaning many manual adjustments are no longer needed. For the DDL -9000CS (digital type) adjustment of the feed dog height, feed pitch and feed locus have been digitalized and are programmable. For the DDL-9000CF (full-digital type), adjustment not only of those mentioned above but also the presser foot pressure and needle thread tension have been digitalized. With this digitalization, optimum adjustment values required to produce high-quality seams can be stored on a material-by-material basis in the machine internal memory, or externally, and can be reproduced with ease. For sewing plants which produce diversified products using different materials this feature is quite helpful to achieve stable seam quality without time wasted on manual adjustments.

In today’s market many sewing plants have to handle dozens of kinds of materials. To get the best seams on any given product, maintenance experts and skilled operators must finely adjust sewing machines using tools such as a screwdriver or manual leavers and dials. Adjustment of all lockstitch machines in the plant requires an enormous amount of time and it is impossible to have the adjustment values perfectly reproduced across all machines.
DDL-9000C Series not only substantially reduces setup time but also reproduces adjustments exactly, meaning the machine is ideally suited to the material being sewn. In addition, once the best-suited settings are stored in memory they can be translated to other machines via USB or NFC connection.

Vertically and horizontally-driven digital feed mechanism
Thanks to the world's first vertically-driven digital feed mechanism, the feed dog height can be adjusted with ease in accordance to the material being sewn. Thanks to this digital feed mechanism thread trimming is carried out with the feed dog lowered which results in a stable remaining thread length. Also because the feed dog does not protrude above the throat plate when the sewing machine stops it avoids the material from being damaged by the feed dog.

Thread remaining on the material at the end of sewing as short as 3 mm
As well as the lowered feed dog, the groove cam system and the picker device are adopted to allow forcible release of the thread trimmer even if it locks, thereby securing the appropriate needle thread length and achieving stable length of thread remaining on the material.

Management, browsing and editing of data can be carried out via Android application
Data on sewing machine adjustments can be transferred to an Android tablet or phone via the Juki Smart App via NFC or micro USB. This allows all settings to be calibrate once and then replicated across all machines on one sewing line. The operation panel is also provided with a USB port for data storage, transfer and management; software updates can be carried out with ease using a USB thumb drive.

Custom functions can be programed to the hand switch
The functions programed to the hand switches can be set through the operation panel. Since the reverse-feed stitching lever is provided as standard additional functions that will be needed the most can be set. 20 different functions (needle-up/down correction sewing, reverse-feed correction sewing, 1-time reverse-feed stitching cancellation function, etc.) can all be allocated to the hand switch. Highly convenient operation is ensured when functions that are used the most are easily accessible.

Other Key Benefits for the DDL-9000C Include:
  • Needle-thread active tension (full digital type)
  • The presser foot pressure can be digitally controlled (full digital type)
  • 4.3-inch large LCD touch panel (full digital type)

    Computer-controlled Vertically and Horizontally-Driven Feed Mechanism

    The world’s first feed mechanism which is driven both vertically and horizontally has been computerized. The feed mechanism changes its feed locus in accordance with the material. As a result, the optimum adjustments can be achieved only by setting data on the operation panel. Furthermore, the vertically-driven feed mechanism helps keep the length of the thread remaining on the material after thread trimming constant.

    Remaining thread at the end of sewing reduced to 3mm
    A both-blade driven rotary knife system is adopted. the knife intersects with the thread to trim it just beneath the needle entry point. Since the knife ensures constant length of needle thread, the length of thread remaining on the material after thread trimming is, unlike thread trimming with the thread tensed, also constant. The Juki DDL-9000CFMS inherits JUKI’s thread trimming technology to allow the thread trimmer to start up as soon as the pedal is depressed.

    Sewing Machine management utilizing “IoT” (Internet of Things)
    Data adjusted in a sample-making workshop etc. can be transferred without contact to the sewing machines in your factory using your tablet. (USB port is provided as standard)

    Sewing specifications by garment or sewn product type
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Juki DDL-9000C-F Safety Precautions

Juki DDL-9000C-F Instruction Manual

Juki DDL-9000C-F Parts List

  • Model: DDL-9000C-FMS
  • Type: Full Digital Type
  • Application: Medium-weight
  • Lubrication: Semi-dry
  • Max Sewing Speed: 5,000sti/min
  • Max Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Needle: DB×1・DB×5(#11) #9~#18(Nm65~110)
  • Lift of the presser foot:
    -By hand: 5.5mm
    -By knee: 15mm, Auto: 1st stage 5.0mm(※0.1~8.5mm), 2nd stage 8.5mm(※8.5mm~13.5mm) 
  • ※Adjustable on the operation panel

    Model Number Juki DDL-9000C-FMS
  • Application Medium-Weight
  • Lubrication Semi-Dry
  • Lubricating Oil JUKI Machine Oil 7 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
  • Max. Sewing Speed 5,000 sti/min
  • Max. Stitch Length 5mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke 30.7mm
  • Feed Dog Height 0.8mm
  • Needle DBX1 (#11)#9
  • 18(NM65
  • 110)
  • Lift of the Presser foot By Hand: 5.5mm, By Knee: 15mm
  • Auto: First Step 5.0mm (0.1
  • 8.5mm)
  • Second Step 8.5mm (8.5
  • 13.5mm)
  • Size of the Bed 517x178mm (distance from needto machine arm: 303mm)
  • Bobbin Thread Winder Built-in the machine head
  • Machine Head Drive Compact AC Servomotor (450W) that is directly connected to the main shaft (direct-drive system)
  • Automatic reverse feed function Provided as Standard
  • Power Consumption 520VA
  • Net Weight Machine Head: 40kg / 40.5kg (with AK-154), Control Box: 6Kg
  • Outside dimensions of package (mm) 712x313x767(0.171m3)
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