Consew Gravity Feed Water Bottle Steam Irons by SilverStar, same as Ace Hi

Additional Information:
John, We charge $75 per hour for labor plus the cost of any parts to do a repair. The solenoid costs about $40 to replace. The customer pays for shipping both ways. Thank you, Consew
Silverstar SE2000 Electric Iron 3.5Lbs for Steam Boilers, Urethane Rubber Covered Handle Keeps Hands Cool, Prevents Slipping, 110V or 220V
Consew Silverstar SB-400 Steam Generator Boiler Ironing Station, Pressure Gauge and SE-2000 Iron
Consew ES-85A Gravity Feed Steam Iron Silver Star, 1000W, 5Lb, Soft Handle, External Steam Switch, Teflon Shoe, Iron Rest, Demineralizer, Water Bottle
Consew CES-90A Gravity Feed Steam Iron 1000W, 4.5Lb by Silver Star, Iron Rest, Non Stick Shoe, Water Bottle, Demineralizer, UL Approved
Consew CES-300 Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron, Hot Iron Rest, Demineralizer, 1000W, 4.6Lb, Recessed Thumb Switch, Large Heat Shield, Water Bottle
Ace Hi ES85A Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron, Hot Iron Rest, Demineralizer, 1000W, 5Lbs, Aluminum Soleplate, Soft Cool Handle, Water Bottle, Hose
Silver Star ES-300 Gravity Feed Steam Iron 1000W, Hot Iron Rest, 4.6Lb, Water Bottle, Demineralizer, Non-Stick Iron Shoe (AceHi ES300, Consew CES300)
Universal JP202 4-Pack Bags Demineralizer Water Filter Resin Granules (Sapporo)
Consew 5Pk Best Buy Demineralizer Resin Filter Bags for Gravity Feed Steam Irons
Free Ground Shipping to the Contiguous USA
Ace Hi Silver Star AH-2200 No Steam Electric Only Dry Iron up to 356°F, 110V, Dial Thermostat, Hand Heat Shied, Ergonomic Handle, On Off Switch, 4Lbs
Mary Ellen Best Press Clear Starch 16oz Spray Bottle 6959A +1 Gal Jug Refill 6959REF
Mary Ellens S60034 Best Press Clear Starch 6oz Non-Aerosol, Scent Free, Pump Spray Bottle, No Flake, No Clog or White Residue! Fabric Stain Shield