Meet the AllBrands Staff

John M. Douthat
Our Founder
John, joined by his wife, Annette, began working in the sewing and vacuum (or sew-vac, as we in the industry call it) business in the mid-70s. Together, they have toiled away for almost forty years to establish their brand, based upon the principle of "being a buying agent for the customer, and not a sales agent for the vendor". Their brand is now a multi-million dollar company with five retail locations and a website that's almost old enough to drink.
Blaine Austin
Chief Executive Officer and Airplane Enthusiast
The highly charismatic CEO of AllBrands, Blaine Austin has been called "Mr. Retail," "The Contest King" and "The Motivator" for his ability to understand how to be successful in retail and how to motivate his staff, and "AirplaneBlaine" for his love of RC airplanes. Formerly the VP & National Sales Manager of the Oreck Corporation, His 25+ years of experience in sales, marketing and operations give him an unusually broad base of experience in which to build sales teams and increase sales.
Michele Giarrusso
Chief Financial Officer and Crossword Aficionado
Michele oversees the financial aspects of AllBrands. With 17 years in industry and 9 years with a CPA firm, she holds an extensive career in accounting and sales. When she isn't trapped at her desk responding to the needs of AllBrands, she enjoys some of the finer things in life. She is an avid reader, a crossword puzzle champion, enjoys cooking, and loves to hit the dance floor to big band and 70's music.
John F. Douthat
Technical Director and Matt Damon Look-Alike
John F. is the mastermind behind the AllBrands website software, and brought the website possibilities to his parents at the age of 12. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at LSU, he has happily spent his years disassembling and rebuilding all manners of electronics. Less than eager to talk about himself, he desperately wanted me to set his picture as his dog—but I told him half the staff wanted to do that, and that nobody's special. Take that!
Barbara Chatelain
Vendor Relations Manager and Animal Lover
A lifelong part of AllBrands, Barbara oversees product selection, development, and quality control. Barbara is an active AllBrands philanthropist through avenues including 4-H, Fashion Week New Orleans, and more. She is a dog enthusiast, a former Yoga instructor, and a passionate part of the company. Barbara works hard to promote the craft, and create an inviting haven for the next generation of sewers/crafters.
Juanita Spratley
Accounts Payable and Jack-of-All-Trades
No-nonsense Juanita enjoys working alone and peacefully. Her extensive contributions to the company include retail purchases, accounting, accounts payable, and generally a little of everything. Eternally professional, she is rather private and now scowls at me in the hall because I had to write this. Hi, Juanita!
Gwenae Darden
Events/Education Coordinator and Doting Grandmother
Gwenae, a somewhat private person, has been with the company since 2010. Her hobbies include sewing, embroidery, and spending time with her grandchildren. Her favorite music is the "Oldies but Goodies". That's pretty much all I could get out of her!
Jennie Watkins
Returns Manager and Cross-Stitcher Extraordinaire
Jennie handles all the returns issues, including refunds, store credit, relations between vendors and customers, and all that jazz. Her work experience includes a number of years in the secretarial and educational sectors. Another avid reader, she enjoys soft rock/pop, the company of her grandchildren, and cross-stitching.
Jared Verret
Operations Manager and Cadillac Enthusiast
Originally hired as an accountant in 2011, Jared now oversees the day-to-day operations of the company including the warehouse, purchasing department and some accounting. A man of professional skill and occasionally few words, Jared holds a degree in accounting, enjoys classic TV and is the proud owner of a 2007 Cadillac DTS.
TaRonda J.
Accounting Clerk and Sports Fan
TaRonda handles some of the day-to-day financial aspects of the company, including online payments, accounting, and deposits. A great lover of sports, she happily watches football, basketball, baseball—you name it. She is an avid music fan and a traveler by heart. So far, her favorite spot she's been is Cozumel, Mexico.
Charlotte Harris
Warehouse Administrator and Mother of Awesome Kids
Charlotte oversees shipping and does all the receiving, accompanying paperwork, and product software troubleshooting. The proud of mother of three children in different stages of school, her hobbies include sewing, football, and having awesome children. She is particularly fond of Country music, and her favorite artist is George Strait, who apparently is the record #1 hit holder at 44.
John Ketzel
Service Technician and Resident Cool Old Guy
John has over 20 years of technical experience and is a certified tech with Brother™, Viking™, Singer™, Janome™, Babylock™, and Pfaff™, with tech knowledge of all others. He also was a certified Eagle Scout by 15, and a member of the Coast Guard for approximately 12 years. His hobbies are fishing, football, reading literature, and keeping up with latest advances in technology. Every workplace has that one really cool old guy, and we're no different. We call ours John Ketzel.
Vernique Williams
CSR Manager and Self-Picture Maestro
The proud mother of two active boys, Vernique is the newly-christened manager of our awesome customer service reps and a competent saleswoman. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Candy Crush and is a wicked cool softball player. Photogenic and radiant as anyone, she enjoys a good joke, a wacky face, and filling various phones with selfies.
Courtney Ramirez
CSR, Sales and Sushi Enthusiast
Crafty and sly, Courtney enjoys food in all of its forms, but especially sushi and Chinese. She draws, paints, sews, and plays the piano. A trained paralegal, she has one hobby and one hobby only--consuming all of our CEO's Mountain Dew. A fan of international travel, she spent the Summer of 2012 abroad spectating the London Olympics and the Tour de France, and she's a jerk for not inviting me.