Note: Optional Iron Shoe is only available at time of order due to minimum order value requirements from vendor. Naomoto Iron Shoe #2 for HYS 58 Gravity Feed Steam Iron Prevents Scorching Shinning Garments & Fabrics

The HYS-58 quickly generates its own steam using only tap water. A special filter resin prevents clogging. New Conex heat canopy deflects heat rise, keeping handle cool. Temperature control is accurate to 2 degrees. Safe for any fabric. Comes complete with water tank, filter resin, water hose and iron rest.

  • Electric Micro-Switch Operation
  • Water Bottle Feed
  • Weight 4.18 lbs. 900W
  • Complete with water bottle, filter resin - 1lb. Bag, cleaning kit, and iron rest
  • New steam chamber for easy cleaning
  • Liquid type sensor thermostat
  • Urethane grip handle
  • Heat Shield
  • Light touch microswitch
  • Tuffram sole coating
  • One piece chamber & solepate
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon HYS58 Gravity Feed Iron, Water Bottle, Demineralizer, and Optional Iron Shoe.

What is the difference between the Naomoto HYS-5 and the Naomoto HYS-58 (IRN5) steam/electric gravity feed irons? "The HYS-58 iron replaces the discontinued HYS-5. There were a number of reasons why Naomoto changed the design on this iron: A. The HYS-58 has a molded urethane handle not a wooden one. The new handle is molded to fit the operators’ hand and this handle will stay much cooler, making it more comfortable for the operator to use. B. The HYS-58 has a light touch thumb switch located in the handle, not like the exterior thumb switch of the HYS-5. The new thumb switch is more efficient and is less likely to break off if the iron is accidentally dropped. C. The HYS-58 has a heat shield, which will protect the operators’ hand. D. The HYS-58 has a non-stick tuffram sole coating so there is no need for an iron shoe. The bottom of the iron can be wiped clean. E. The HYS-58 has a liquid sensor thermostat, while the HYS-5 had a bi-metal thermostat. The liquid thermostat rarely goes bad and is highly accurate. F. The temperature dial on the HYS-58 is flush to the back of the iron. This helps to prevent accidental movement of the dial. The HYS-58 has a larger steam chamber opening, which make it easier to clean the iron." Cleaner's Supply
Thank you for your honesty. That is exactly the kind of advice I need. I have had a Silver Star iron in the past but have become spoiled by the Naomoto. I will give this some more consideration.
I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, so I know that shipping my iron to and from you for repair will be fairly expensive but what would I be looking at for parts and repair costs? The thermostat is fine but when I press the steam button, next to no steam comes out and if I have the iron turned off but forget to close the water bottle valve, water pours out of the iron as soon as I turn the iron power on.

Juanita, the solenoid probably needs to be replaced. It stays open and will not open and close when you activate the steam switch on and off. You can send your HYS-58 directly to Naomoto below. John

Apparel Machinery
1836 E. Ontario St.
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Amy , Oregon
We are extremely happy with the Naomoto HYS-58 Iron. It's a little heavier than other, less expensive irons, but it has a sleeker design, is better weighted so it doesn't tip back, and it has a more effective heat shield. The iron also comes with a couple small tools, and instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix minor problems. This iron is highly recommendable!