LK150, 150 Needles, 2 Color Yarn Tension, Stitch Size Dial 1-10, 2 Side Levers, Row Counter Better than Bond Ultimate Sweater Machines. LK150 has 2 Color yarn tensions and antenna wires, large stitch size dial, side levers on carriage, spring-loaded needles which stay in place. Easy to use features which USM does not have.

Stitch style patterning with manual selection or hand manipulation
for Brioche (Tuck) and Multi-color Brioche, Slip and Multi-color Slip,
Fair Isle, Garter Stitch, Moss Stitch and knit-purl combinations, Cable
Stitches, Lace, Eyelet and Open Work Knitting, Ribbings and more.
Stitches exclusive to knitting machines Plating and Plating in color.
Knits DK, Worsted and some Bulky weight yarns. Works well with novelty yarns.

The LK150 offers an excellent knitting machine for the beginner. It is a light weight portable machine that offers a quick and easy way to create stockinet fabric. This hobby machine gives you the ability to turn imagination into fashion. With its low cost and ease of use there is no reason not to own one. This machine is ideal for Sport, DK and 4 Ply weight yarns.

  • 6.5mm Needle Spacing
  • 150 Metal Needles on Bed
  • 38" knitting width on bed, no extensions available.
  • Dual Tension Yarn Feed regulates tension and reduces slack.
  • Sponge bar holds needles in knitting position.
  • Hobby Knitting Machine, not for commercial use.
  • No ribber attachment available.
  • Made in China

    Wonderfully compact and lightweight, this mid-gauge knitting machine can be used in the smallest of spaces and is super easy to carry and store. An illustrated, easy-to-follow instruction book is included. 6.5 mm (3.9 gauge) size needle pitch; 13 mm (2 gauge) when using every other needles. 150 needles. Multiple types of stitches: automatic stockinette, manual tuck, slip, plating, and Fair Isle (by slip stitch -- one yarn feeder only). Handles medium to chunky yarn. Manual needle selection. Dimensions: 1083 mm (42.6') long x 205 mm (8.2') wide x 95 mm (3.7') high. Weight: 7.4 kgs (10.36 lbs)

    • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
    • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
    • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
    • LK150 Mid Gauge Knitting Machine
    • Plastic Bed Light weight and portable
    • 10.36 lbs x 42.6" long
    • 150 Needles
    • 6.5mm Needle Spacing (Gauge)
    • Stitch design patterning with manual selection. Tuck, Tuck Stitch in Color, Slip, Slip Stitch in Color,
    • Fair Isle, Plating, Plated in Color, Garter Stitch, Moss Stitch, Cable Stitch, Lace Knitting, Open Work, Cord Knitting and Mock English Rib
    • 6.5 mm (3.9 gauge) size needle pitch
    • 13 mm (2 gauge) when using every other needle
    • 150 needles
    • Multiple types of stitches: stockinet, tuck, slip, plating, and fair isle (by slip stitch - one yarn feeder only)
    • Handles medium to super extra thick yarn
    • Manual needle selection
    • Dimensions: 1083mm (42.6") Long x 205mm (8.2") Deep x 95mm (3.7") High
    • Weight: 4.7 kgs (10.36 lbs)
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    icon Optional Electronic Knit (Radar) Contour Attachment

    icon Discontinued by manufacturer

    icon Optional Carriage Rests Make Needle Bed Longer

    ~Has Automatic Yarn Tension and Needle Tension Dial, Systems which makes it easier to operate than the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine. ~Two Yarn tension mast regulates tension of yarn coming to the machine, not hand fed like Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine. ~Spring tension on the needles makes them stay in A,B,C or D knitting position without manual manipulation, required on Bond Ultimate Sweater machine. ~Has Hold and Part levers for needle selection on side of carriage,which are not found on Bond Ultimate Sweater machine
    Hello - can you source the LK-150 50-needle Extension Kit?
    Silver Reed no longer makes them
    Bonnie, CSR
    Customer (Olivia) phoned to advise she thought we were doing a disservice in our advertising of the Silver Reed Instructional DVD. She was amazed and highly pleased to find Susan Guagliumi as commentator of the DVD - THAT in itself made the DVD highly desirable. She feels that we could generate more interest in sales of the CD if machine knitters knew Susan was on the DVD.

    Linda, Ohio
    My purchase was handled quickly and efficiently. Thanks!

    Mike, Michigan
    I have called several times and your customer service reps. were outstanding. Thank You for the great service.

    Marie, North Carolina

    Lisa, Tennessee
    Couldn't belive how fast it came... I love it!

    Alexandra, Virginia
    Love my Silver Reed Knitting Machine! Super fast shipping! I was and am extremely pleased!

    Judith, Ohio
    Excellent, your customer service is amazing, Marquita was so helpful, I kept her name for my next purchase.. I am having some problem understanding the cast on and gauges, but I am sure the internet can help. I am interested in another machine at some point, also have a Janome 8000 machine that I may wish to upgrade and these purchases will be with your company. Thank you.

    Christine, Australia
    Excellent service Great postage quick and know where it is at all times.

    Susan, Colorado
    I was completely satisfied with my shopping experience at Allbrands. I am thoroughly enjoying my knitting machine and will visit your site in the future when shopping for new items. Thank you.

    Marianne, Norway
    Top service, thank you.

    Anita, Powderly, TX
    I wrote an email to ask whether the video was included with the machine, and got a reply fairly quickly. Very fast shipping - thank you!

    Lorna, United Kingdom

    I love this little machine - easy for the beginner, but with plenty of challenges for the "Old Hands". I have had standard gauge and chunky punchcard machines, Japanese and Swiss electronic ones, but it wasn't till I found the LK150 that I really was happy with one. I was originally a hand-knitter and I prefer to use hand qualities or a few machine knit yarns wound together rather than D.K.on a cone. The LK handles it all beautifully. I have all the accessories which just add to the fun of this little machine. If a mistake is made, it can nearly always be corrected - unlike so many other machines, where it is back to the beginning and start again. The only change I am now contemplating is buying a 2nd one - part of which would extend the one I have and the remainder would be a "mini" one.

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