*for 4x4" Hoops, Full Color Instruction Booklet, Monogram the quick & easy way! You lose sleep over the perfect placement of a monogram on your shirt. You deliberate over the right size for a monogram on napkins. You long for a better approach to determining where and how to use your favorite monogram designs.

The Perfect Placement Kit by Designs in Machine Embroidery is the answer to all your monogramming needs.

The PPK is a complete package that will show you how to accurately place monograms on bath towels, hand towels, napkins, shirts, cuffs and more.

  • 15 Perfect Placement Plastic Templates for linens and wearables
  • 30 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Miniature Crosshairs
  • 6 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Test placement guides
  • The Mini Ruler: a translucent, flexible ruler that fits in any 4" x 4" hoop. The ruler includes both English and metric measurements for easy embroidery design calculations.
  • 20 page, full color Perfect Placement Guide illustrates how to use each template for Perfect Placement Every Time!

  • Sizes are Ladies & Men's: Small-2X or larger
How to use the Perfect Placement Kit.

Left Chest Embroidery Placement

1. Place the shirt on a flat surface
2. Position the Perfect Placement Left Chest template on the shirt, aligning the template’s intersection of neck and shoulder seams with the corresponding point on the garment.
3. Place one of the vertical dashed lines on the center front of the shirt.
4. Determine the proper crosshair for the shirt (taking size and wearer’s sex into consideration). Place the target sticker in the center of the template aligning the crosshair.
5. Remove the template
6. The garment is ready for hooping. Simply square the target sticker in the hoop. Use the Mini Ruler to check alignment.
7. Place the hoop on the machine. Move the hoop to center the needle over the target sticker. Remove the sticker and embroider the design.

Included Accessories
  • 11 Perfect Placement Plastic Templates for linens:
    -Hand towel with border
    -Hand towel without border
    -Bath towel with border
    -Bath towel without border
    -Sheets above band
    -Pillowcase above band
    -Pillowcases/sheets on band
    -Napkin on point
    -Napkin right corner
    -Receiving blanket
    -Baby burp cloth
  • 4 Perfect Placement plastic templates for wearables:
    -Sleeve cuff
    -Left chest
    -Center front
    -Boxer shorts
  • 30 Target Stickers
  • 6 Text Stickers
  • The Mini Ruler: a translucent, flexible ruler that fits in any 4” x 4” hoop
  • 20 page, full color Perfect Placement Guide illustrates how to use each template for perfect placement every time.

    Perfect Placement Kit for Flawless Machine Embroidery. Perfect placement is the key to successful embroidery. With the Perfect
    Placement Kit™, it's easy to achieve perfect placement of designs on
    almost everything—napkins, towels, shirt cuffs, left chest and more.
    Embroider perfectly matched sets linens and clothing with speed and
    precision. Watch as Denise Holguin, Managing Editor for Designs, demos how easy it is to use the Perfect Placement Kit. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this tool. Visit www.dzgns.com for more information.

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