We recommend Size 14 serger needles because they are less likely to deflect and bend into the foot, needle plate/stitch fingers or loopers, which may require polishing off burrs or replacing.

DBx1KN: This is a modified version of the 16x257 needle specifically for sewing thin knit fabrics. It has a slender, straight blade with a longer, tapered Thin Ball point and a revised profile around the eye. The slender, straight blade acts the same as using a one size thinner needle with a consistent slim shape. The longer taper of the needle point reduces the penetration resistance in fabrics to minimize needle holes. The profile around the eye is reduced, to avoid the extra penetration resistance the normal bulge causes.
For Viking Huskylock 435, 535, etc. manufactured by Brother
While the needle is the least expensive component in any embroidery or sewing machine, it is the most important. High quality, ORGAN needles designed in cooperation with the machine builders assure maximum performance, quality, and economy. ORGAN needles are manufactured from special high carbon, silicon rich steel. We use the latest state-of-the-art production techniques to insure high polished eyes for dependable, smoother stitches, consistent quality, and fewer thread breaks. The Organ Needle Company works closely with all of Japan's sewing machine builders to design and manufacturer needles for optimal performance. A machine builder cannot afford to buy an inferior needle at any price
Ramona, California
You are the first company I turn to to locate hard-to-find items for my "vintage" sewing machines. I've also purchased a refurbished vacuum cleaner from you in the past, and am considering a new one soon. I love the variety of items you carry.

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Found the hard to find product my mother needed for her older machine. Ordering was a snap, speed of the shipment was great. Odered on Saturday, got it on Thursday. The FREE shipping is a plus as well as the detailed description of the product. THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU.... My mom could not believe I found it and was able to get it so fast.