• Use dry Cover Up as a topping to enhance embroidery by matching thread color./
  • Keeps base fabric from showing through the embroidery.
  • Prevents embroidery from sinking into high loft fabrics.
  • Gives a 3D effect.
  • Embroidery maintains its original look wash after wash.
  • Provides greater strength and thickness to embroidery.
  • Permanent - does not wash out.
  • Can also be used as an applique topping.
Formally called dryCoverUP

Are you tired of your fabric showing through your embroidery? You will love this product! Simply place one of the colored pieces of specially formulated vinyl plastic on your fabric before you embroider-tear away excess and your stitches are fuller, instantly! Only use on designs that are solid. It is PERMANENT! This means, it will need to be torn away from areas and if the design has a lot of open areas, you'll struggle to remove in those spots. You can cut small pieces to fill in an area to eliminate it from being in the open areas.

Fabric Cover Vinyl is a permanent topping available in 15 colors plus clear. It is designed to prevent the fabric from showing through the embroidery and it lifts the stitching preventing it from falling into the nap. It easily tears away and doesn't wash out. You can purchase it in roll form or choose between two variety packs each with 8 different color sheets (Primary & Blending) that are 6in x 24in dimensions.

Q: OOPS! I accidentally used this on an open design and am having a hard time getting it to come off, what do I do?
A: Use a needle to perforate the stabilizer and tweaser to pull away. Be sure to pull toward the embroidery - don't pull away from it or it will stretch. Remember to never use in open areas again :)
Jennifer G, Germantown TN
I will never buy from my local shop again!!! You have double the roll for half the price !! Customer for life!!!

Penny, Louisiana
I receive my shipment within the next day or two and that makes me very happy. Thanks!