Includes: 3 Octi-Hoop Frames, 2 Handles, 3 Stabilizer Samples, Instructions, Patterns for Embroidery and Quilting and Instructional DVD that works in your TV DVD Player and Computer DVD player.

  • for Hand Guided Free Motion Embroidery, Quilting, Stipple, Applique, Darning, Cutwork, No Foot Required

  • The Octi-Hoops allow you to free-motion embroidery and quilt with ease

  • The hoops securely hold your project and allow you to guide the fabric easily around the sewing area of your machine

  • Without a foot or feed dogs, your possibilities are endless.

  • Free Motion = Embroidery or Quilting without the use of the feed dogs. The sewing machine foot in this case is removed and we do not add another foot to hold the fabric. The free-motion presser foot is in the way as we quilt or embroider so removing it completely makes it much easier to see where you're going. OctiHoops makes this possible by keeping the fabric taut and not allowing the fabric to ride up and down on the needle.

    Using the Octi-Hoops makes it easier to do any Free-Motion technique such as, Embroidery, stippling, quilting, darning, cutwork and more...

    It is amazing how easily the hoops working together make quilting and stippling. The procedure for quilting with the Octi-Hoops is:

    1) Lay your Quilt Sandwich beneath the sewing machine needle where you want to begin quilting.

    2) Slide one of the 2 larger frames under the quilt (the bottom layer of the quilt is now lifted (floating) over the machine's feed dogs and throat plate area. You will NEVER have puckers on the back

    If you can't drop your machine's feed dogs you can still use these hoops, simply set your stitch length on 0 and you will be shocked that they don't cause any problems

    3) Place the next frame down (in size) on top and inside the bottom frame ( NOTE THERE IS NO STABILIZER ON THE QUILT)) and that is all that is needed to hold the quilt in place.

    4) Remove your machine's foot and snap on assembly. REMOVE THE FOOT! NO FOOT IS USED! NO FOOT=NO PUCKERS ON TOP OF QULT. :)

    pain, NEVER!!!

    5) Pick up one of the 2 green handles that came with your kit and pretend to write your name with it. Use left or right hand. You will move the quilt using this small handle and write on the quilt with the needle... but your mind will think you're writing

    6) Place one of the 2 handles in any one of the 8 holes located on top of the smaller frame and after pulling the bobbin thread up through the quilt and stitching to tie a knot - cut your thread tails and begin sewing! Steering using the handle.. and talk to yourself, tell yourself you're writing on a piece of paper not quilting... your mind will release at some point and quilting will become nothing more than doodling on a piece of paper.

    Each of the frames has been engineered in an octagon shape and on each of the eight sides is a hole designed for our handles to drop into. These handles feel like a crayon in your hands and allow you to move the frames by writing as you do on a piece of paper.

    The handles drop in easily to each hole and come out just as easily, so you never risk lifting the frame as you embroider, which causes stitching issues and needle breakage with traditional embroidery hoops.
Beginner Free-Motion Quilting with your regular sewing machine and the Octi-Hoops. I recently realized that if you use your non-dominant hand to begin, it's easier and faster to learn how to Free-Motion quilt using the Octi-Hoops! It sounds a bit crazy, but it most definitely has shown to help first-time users excel. I suppose it's because your other hand has been a support for the hand you write with for so long, it does so with a much lighter touch than your dominant hand. The key to using the Octi-Hoops is to relax and touch lightly - don't push down - rest your arms - drop your shoulders, and slow down the machine. When you use Spray Baste, using the free-motion foot will help hold the material down as you quilt. I frequently don't use any basting spray and find no need for a foot, unless the material is sticky on the needle.

Quilted Travel Bag - Episode 8. This week I made several bags and this one was by far my favorite. I love the quilted look and just how easy it is to make one of these. Please let me know what you guys think and check out the images below for close up shots of the bag. If you don't see the links click the "Show More" button. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe!

free motion embroidery on treadle sewing machine.
Included Accessories
*Kit Includes:

  • 3 Octi-Hoop octagonal hoop frames
  • Small, Medium, and Large
  • Hoop Handles
  • Stabilizers
  • Intructional DVD
  • Patterns
  • Instructions
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icon Children take to this really fast because it's so much like coloring!

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