Attach velcro strips to underside of pedal to hold firmly in position on pad or rug. Maintains position of the foot control pedal in the most convenient position for your foot.

Are you finding it difficult keeping your sewing machine pedal from sliding? If so, we have a solution for you. Our popular Pedal-Stay II non-skid pad has been ergonomically designed to eliminate the fatigue normally associated with sliding foot pedals. No longer will you find yourself stretching to reach a pedal on the move. Our pedal pad works equally well on carpet and hard floors.
[The Pedal-Sta II]

Pedal-Stay II will accommodate any brand of sewing machine or serger pedal. Your pedal can be easily positioned on the pad using the Velcro strips included. This practical, low-cost accessory is a must have for any sewing room. It was developed to address a common problem and to make sewing easier and more comfortable.

Other common applications:

Others using our Pedal-Stay pads include jewelers, craftsmen, sculptors and even tool makers – virtually anyone working with a flexible shaft machine requiring a rheostat or pedal.
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