Brother has changed to manufacturing, sewing in, including and servicing all embroidery only and sewing machines combinations using Organ HAX130EBBR embroidery needles exclusively. We are no longer recommending any other needle system for all these machines, not just for the PR multi needle machines. John Douthat.

Size 11 Organ HAx130EBBR or HAX130EB Needles recommended for all embroidery because the smaller needle is better for dense embroidery. Size 14 only for thicker, dense fabrics

These Chrome Coated Needles also For Brother PR600, PR650, PR655, PR1000, PR1000E, Babylock EMP6, BMP8, BMP9, ENT10, BNT10 Multi Needle Embroidery Machines
HAx130EBBR for Babylock (EMP6, BMP8, BMP9, ENT10) and Brother (PR600, PR-600C, PR620, PR650, PR-1000) Flat Shank- Light Ball Point, Reinforced Blade, Oversized Eye.

Organ now has an embroidery needle in 5 different sizes for the new Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 6-Needle Embroidery Machines which are the same as Babylock EMP6 BMP8 embroidery professional machines.

In co-operation with The Brother Group of Nagoya, Japan; Organ Needles has developed needle type HAx130EBBR in size 75 (11) for the Brother domestic embroidery machine PR600 PR620, PR650, PR1000(also works for Baby Lock EMP6 and BMP6, BMP8, BMP 9, ENT10, BNT10).

Larger eye (suitable for the use of extra thick embroidery yarn).
  • Larger scarf for better creation of the loop and for prevention of skipped stitches. The blade is double swaged.
  • The needle has a Chromium finish.
  • Especially hardened for high performance sewing. Extremely tight tolerances in the eye section.

    Only the use of HAx130 EBBR offers high performance and excellent needle efficiency when using the Brother PR-600. When auto-threading the reliability of HAx130 EBBR is indispensable.
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