Schmetz Jean & Denim Machine Needles! Great for use with densely woven materials and jeans, and free motion quilting. It features a very stiff shaft, modified point and slender eye. It is a great choice for getting perfectly straight stitches.

  • Please select Size 16 or 18 for free motion quilting on machine quilting frames! Size 12 or 14 bend easier and may cause shredding, skipping or breaking thread
  • Use for sewing dense woven fabrics such as Denim
  • Bulk 100 Box of Needles
  • Same as 130H-J A100
  • Designed for densely woven fabrics or free motion work.
  • For penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, or quilts with minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches.
Susan, Illinois
I appreciate "bulk" product for personal storage reasons and your low price, of course.

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Very pleased with my purchase, thank-you

Diane, Virginia
Best, cheapest, fastest way to buy sewing machine needles and threads that I have found!

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we have only ordered home machine needles through you, but it comes sooo fast and is easy to find on your website... the price is so much cheaper also, we will definitely buy again from you! Thankyou!

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very satisfied

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I have ordered by phone as well as internet--and your service is great--not to mention great prices!!

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So glad to be able to buy sewing machine needles in quantity at a discount price. I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again.

Kristy, Montana
I am used to sorting out tech specs or I would have missed the orchard/asian Schmetz/european ... LOVE finding them in boxes of 100 instead of 5/pkg ! FASTEST SHIPPING !!! Very Happy. Thank you.

Charlotte A., Oak Hills, CA
I have always been pleased with AllBrands. When I purchase something online I always include the shipping price to calculate in how much money I've saved. I have always been pleased. Items are well packed and shipping is timely. Keep up the good work!