Silver Reed SK155 Punchcard Bulky Knitting Machines have the 12 Stitch Repeat Punchcards, whereas Brother KH260 had 24 Stitch Repeat, and the cards are not interchangeable.

The SK155 takes a step in the right direction by providing a 12 stitch punch card machine that will knit those heavy yarns with ease. This machine handles worsted weight yarns and makes short work of creating beautiful chunky winter wear. Ideal for heavy weight yarns in the bulky range. Stay warm all winter with the afghans you create to match your décor. Its time to start wearing your garments instead of carrying the parts with you for months hoping to someday finish it.

  • Punch Card Patterns Bulky Yarn Knitting Machine
  • 9mm Gauge between 110 needles
  • 12 Needle Punchcard Pattern Repeat all the way across the bed
  • 110 Needle Metal Singer Bed
  • Includes 5 Punch Card Patterns
  • Optional Hand Punch and Blank Cards Available
    - Yarn tension mast for two colors
  • Knitting Machine
  • No Ribber Available except used SR155,Toyota KR650 and Elna ER2350
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Carolyn, a knitting machine speeds up the repetitive rows and stitches so you can concentrate on putting the backs, fronts, sleeves together by hand or linker machine. If you are using fine 1 or 2 ply yarns yielding up to 10 stitches per inch, the punchcard pattern Brother KH864, Artisan JBL245 or Silver Reed SK280 machines with 4.5mm spacing between needles would be best. 2-4 ply knits best on the Silver Reed mid-guage SK160 manual or SK860 electronic machines with 6.5mm needle spacing and yielding 4-7 stitches per inch. Bulky and chunky 4 ply yarns with lots of texture knit best on the Silver Reed SK155 punchcard bulky machine with 9mm needle spacing yielding 3-5 stitches per inch. No one machine will handle all weights and plys of yarns, so you have to choose one to start with. If you will need a ribber bed attached to the knitter for cuffs, necklines or hems, look at the Artisan 63-70 manual mid-guage 7mm double bed, or purchase a ribber attachment for the SK280 or SK160/860. Ribbers are not available for the KH864 and the SK155 above. If you are not sure about which one to start with you could start with the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine with 8mm between needles at Most machine knitters end up with more than one gauge machine in order to handle a wider range of yarns. In any case you will save a lot of time once you learn how to operate the machine. Most machine knitters do sweater panels either shaped on the machine while knitting or cut and sewed together with a serger or linker afterwards. Let me know if you have any questions about the above models which are on our website at Hope this helps. Thanks. John M. Douthat, All Brands Owner & Tech
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