*for Dual Feed Muvit Attachment On XV8500D Dream Machine, Babylock Destiny, V Series VM6200 and VQ3000 which come with the Muvit foot and and the regular closed toe snap on foot . Also for VM5100 and VQ2400 if you purchase the Muvit foot option and exchange closed toe included with optional SA195 open toe on this page. .

The MuVit™ Open Toe Dual Feed Foot provides all the functions of the MuVit™ Dual Feed Foot included in your VQ3000 or VM6200D machine and is recommended for any application where extra visibility in sewing is desired. This foot features a wide opening for a wide range of left to right needle positions. This digitally controlled, direct motor driven accessory foot can powerfully feed fabric from the top, as your feed dogs feed from the bottom, so you can rest assured that your ability to move your fabric smoothly is just a touch away. Adjust the speed of the belt, which helps move the fabric, right on the LCD display screen. This makes it incredibly easy to sew precise, uniform stitches on a range of fabrics like leather, faux fur and silk.