"Save 80% on 90wt Prewound Bobbins vs Winding Your Own Bobbins and keep the reusable Plastic Bobbins that come with Prewound Bobbins Free! Brother EBTPE 1100 Yard Single Spools of 90wt Bobbins Thread cost $10-15 or 1 cent per yard to wind yourself onto your own 50 cent cost empty bobbins. Prewound bobbins cost only 0.2 cents per yard ON THE Bobbin!. Prewound bobbins also have more consistent winding tension and fill in better than bobbins wound on your machine". John Douthat, Owner & Tech, AllBrands

*Also For Instruction Manual Specified Exclusive Use With all Brother Embroidery Only Machines: PE-700, PE-750D, PE-700II, PE-780D, PE770, PE500, Simplicity SB7050E, DreamMakerâ„¢ XE VE2200, HE1, BP2100

Also For Brother Embroidery Only Machines PE500, HE1, VE2200, Simplicity SB7050, and Comparable Babylock Embroidery Only Machines.
Glenda, Florida
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